Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Why I love my mom...

I have to many reasons to list why I love my mom but I will name off a few, cause this coming weekend isn't just about me but her to!

I love my mom because she would do anything in the world for me. If there was something I required on the moon, she would probably find a way to get it.

I love my mom because she still worries about me even at 29. She still has to check in every day and make sure everything is ok. She has to give me a call if I haven't called her to say were "OK" from our 500 mile trek from her house.I

I love that my mom and I have the same birthday. I think this why we are so close and think so much alike and worry so much alike.

I love my mom cause she is always more than thrilled to take my 3 wild boys for a week or two. If she could have them a month or so she would do it. She never complains if they drive her insane or by day 6 or 7 she's worn out and had enough. I can hear it in her voice or the fact when she's calling the day were leaving to see if we have left yet. She's so subtle that way. But I always know that shes saying PLEASE Im begging you come get these children as I have not slept in days.

I love the way my mom tries so hard to be technologically savy. She's got her e-mail buddies and messages me every day on AIM. I love her theories of why her very slow dial up connection is very slow other than the fact that its dial up and AOL. Her main theory was that since the OKC AOL call center had closed or that the lines were wet from all the rain.

I love the way my mom has such an awesome green thumb. I love the way that she loves to mow and pull weeds and grow all things so beautifully. I love that my oldest son is showing to have that passion to.

I love the way my mom could and can sew. She sewed two of my prom dresses which were quite beautiful besides the pink pepto bismal colored one in 9th grade. I dont blame her for the color. The dress was pretty just not the color. She also sewed two elf outfits for me and my best friend for a dance recital. She also sewed our indian dresses for campfire girls.

I love the way my mom could just comfort me when times were hard. Whether it was boy trouble, friend trouble or any kind of trouble somehow she always made things not quite as bad it could be.

I love the way my mom being a nurse could help those in need. Whether it was assisting with someone who had passed out in church or pulling over to assist someone in a motorcycle accident. I always felt safe knowing she could take care of me.

I most of all love the way my mom loves me.

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