Monday, May 7, 2007

Thanks for stopping by...I think

Well I really did it. I actually told a few people about the blog. When I mean I actually told people, I mean I went to that other site, you know the one where you have your "own space". I posted a bulletin where all 30 something of my pals could read it. The thing is I send out 2 or 17 bulletins a day for just random mindless survey stuff. No one's actually supposed to read them, their just there to help waste some time at work. I get paid to wait around. If I could actually get paid for an 8 hour shift but only work the amount of time I actually work..well that would just rock!

Anyways as I was saying, so I told 30 something people and people actually read it. They then took the initiative and stopped by here. They stopped by and like read a post or 20. They stopped by and saw my scary kitchen! So now I'm quivering here in the corner going oh my what have I done? I kind of liked being in my own little world just jotting down my random thoughts. I felt safe..from what I'm not sure.

Thanks for stopping by my little pals...I think. I'm not sure what to say. I feel a little special like you really like me enough to waste some of your precious time to stop here. I will try my best or worst to entertain you. Please feel free to throw tomatoes if need be or leaving a comment would be fine to. I admit I'm not any kind of Pulitzer prize writing author. I have no English degree, so If my grammar and punctuation is bad, well I apologize (not really). -See that was probably a really bad sentence. I'm very sub-conscious about it, really I am.

I will just say for the record right now that I am not an organization diva. I do like to organize but am in no way a professional. The rest of my house is not quite as disastrous as the kitchen appeared to be. I am also not some kind of master chef that posts her weekly recipes. I just do it to keep my brain from being to scattered and it's fun to see what other ladies have posted for their menus. I also save money on groceries. It really does work. While I'm rattling off a few things I do around here, don't be afraid to stop by these other wonderful ladies sites on my sidebar. I highly recommend them as they are way better writers than I and quite humorous. Also 5minutesformom is just the awesome. You don't have to have a blog to enter in the fabulous mother's day prizes.
Thanks again for stopping by, I'm very humbled

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