Thursday, May 3, 2007

Purse Meme

There's a meme going around of what's inside your purse. Of course I didn't get tagged for it cause well nobody actually reads this blog but me. But If I can show you folks ..ahem show myself.. my dirty unorganized kitchen for all of the bloggity internet world to see, my purse should just astound you. I honestly have nothing really else to blog about and this is just fun.
So I'm the most plainest of Janest people. I carry the same purse no matter what or where I'm going. I just don't have the energy to switch out purses on a daily basis. If I'm wearing black slacks and a pink top to work, then you can bet yer dollar I'm toting my trendy plain jane brown purse. I try really hard not to carry a purse at all if I don't have to.
Here's the purse, it's sooo JC Penny 2006..
I have two wallets, yes two. Its not because Im just so rich that I have to tote around two wallets to hold all my money. It's just I for some reason feel I have to stow the kids SS cards, their insurance cards and other items like expired credit cards or expired membership cards. Cause you just never know when they might come in handy for breaking into dead bolted doors or something.
This one is the money, main debit card and blank check toting little purse.
This is the pile of reciepts that just take up space more than anything. Fascinating stuff isn't it?!
Heres the interesting stuff..
I got a smashed 3 muskateers for an extreme 2 year old meltdown emergency
Ive got some colored philosophy lip balm..yum.
Lotion I never really use.
Eye Glass cleaner that I never use, seeing as how I never really wear my glasses. I prefer to go about life blindly.-But just in case its readily available.
A toy car for yet another extreme 2 year old meltdown.
Two pennies which is always handy in a penny needing emergency
Altoids tiny mints.-These are the bestest mints on earth they aren't like the big burning hot make you mouth explode kind. They are very subtle. So yeah Mr Altoid Company hint hint ..I really really do love your little mints.

There you have it thats probably the most exciting purse blog you probably ever read. Please please I must ask that you contain your excitement. We just can't have it to exciting in here.

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