Friday, May 4, 2007

7 Strange Things About Me

I'm excited to present my first template that I created myself. The new blogger really does accomadate for the newbies like me who have no clue how use CSS or HTML. They pretty much do the work for you.
With this new template comes a MEME about ME ironic I know.

1. I'm a very paranoid person about stupid things. I usually always worry about something that is beyond my control. For instance the rain these last few days has just been coming and coming non stop and so at night I would worry that the house would flood. Yes true this could be possible, but we were all on the second floor and it would take a hurricane or a levy to break to flood that much.

2. My parents live in an underground house. I grew up in that house. This house was the supposed "safe haven" for the neighbors from tornadoes. Thing was we never even had close to tornado threats until the big tornadoes in May of 99.

3. I almost refuse to attempt to make a left turn on a busy street. I will go a few blocks out of my way by turning right. It's the paranoia. I don't trust my sense of distance.

4. I'm a very shy person and don't do well with crowds. If I'm with a group of people even that I know pretty well, I will always be the quiet one. I don't ever mean to act like Im stand offish. It's just the way I am.

5. I have strange kind of anxiety attacks. I think the paranoia and shyness all just kind of mesh. One example The whole family was in the car considering on going bowling just for fun. The bowling alley looked crowded so the hubs told me to go on in and see if any lanes were open. I just froze and couldn't do it. For some reason I just broke down and could not do it. Needless to say that was a hard one to explain to the kids why we didn't go bowling. -I'll blog about it sometime.

6. I'm a big college football fan (Go Sooners). I also play fantasy football with the guys at work. The only woman. I have been playing for 5 years now. The funny thing is I was never really even invited. The hubs was going to play and I said Ok well than I'm going to play too. It really does give one reason to cheer for different teams. It also gives the hubs and I something fun to have in common. Were the opposites attract type.

7. I asked my husband to list something about me that's qurky...I absololutely am a control freak and OCD about the laundry, and just general household chores. How could I forget that? Hubby loves it of course cause he knows I'd have a coniption if he attempted to do something household. The part he doesn't understand is it's not the actual doing that I have a problem with, it's that I worry that it's not going to get done.

I probably need mental therapy on my issues. I figure I'm getting it free by just getting it out of my system and into cyberspace.

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