Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Sister's Hero

I don't speak much about my sister, not sure why just don't. She is a very special person to me and others. She has Downs Syndrome and really what she "has" doesn't matter it's who she is. She values the simple things in life and has never met a stranger. Everyone is her friend and she's always more than happy to introduce herself and tell you what shes passionate about.

My sister doesn't ask for much in life. She does require her chicken strip dinner from Braums every Saturday and her weekly water aerobics sessions. She is passionate about OSU and her school CHS. She will only wear a OSU shirt or something orange, if this is not available then her CHS special Olympics shirt will do and nothing else.

Her 2nd passion after OSU is Garth Brooks. She has pretty much every CD or at least her favorites which were kindly donated to her by her big sister. She pretty much knows and sings along to every song. If Garth happens to be on the radio while mom is escorting her around, you better crank it up cause Garth is on. He is truly one of her heroes.
This past week my sister attended her 3rd passion which is the Special Olympics in her favorite place Stillwater. She's never missed an Olympics since she was very small and since she's out of regular school my mom has been her "coach" and "mentor". For the past few years her main event has been boccie ball and bowling, both of which she's pretty good at. She actually got a gold in both events which normally she would be ecstatic about and wearing her medals for days proudly showing them off. This year the greatest thing ever happened even better than chicken strips at Braums and Special Olympic gold medals, this year she met and talked to The Garth Brooks.
Garth just happens to be a big supporter of Special Olympics and just happens to live in the great state of OK where he attends the event every year. Every year my sister has pretty much missed out on seeing him as you pretty much have to be in the right place at the right time. This year was her year. He was supposed to be helping out with the javelin throw, but more interested in his fans. My sister got to meet him and started to sing to Garth the Thunder Rolls. Now had I met Mr. Brooks myself, the last thing I would be doing is singing to him one of his songs; to my sister this is something you do to famous country singers. I'm sure he appreciated the serenade since he's just so awesome like that.

I'm not sure who was more ecstatic about this whole situation my sister or my mother. According to my mother she had Mr. Brooks sign her shirt...the shirt she was wearing. This visual is just beyond the norm for my mother, my only guess is she didn't have anything else for him to sign on? I really just crack up thinking about it, you just have to know my mother. I'm really thinking my sister probably thought this is a normal occurrence to see a famous country singer hanging out at her Special Olympics besides their best friends now no big deal.

I always thought my sister deserved some kind of special something like what the Make A Wish Foundation does, but since she isn't terminally ill she doesn't really qualify. I'm thinking this little event in her life is the epitome of what you could dream or ask for. Being in the place you love the Special Olympics, in Stillwater the place your favorite sports team plays in, meeting your all time hero and singing to him. It just doesn't get any better than that other than maybe some chicken strips from Braums.


Kimberly said...

So excited for your sister. I guess I don't know you very well because I had NO idea. Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie... you do such a good job of making me cry. I miss special olympics...good to hear your sis is doing well. I think of her often.


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