Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Love You Because...

I love you because... you make me feel so beautiful even when I don't feel quite so beautiful with kid snot on my shirt and doggie poo on my shoe.

I love you because...You can always find the most obscene thing to make me laugh when you know I'm really pissed off or just want to cry.

I love you because... You know my weird quirks and you some what understand my fears.

I love you because...You think outside of the box and have outlandish dreams and hopes that I would never think about and you think of those things for me.

I love you because...You really do put me and the boys number one and would do just about anything in the world for us.

I love you because...You make me feel safe no matter where we are and when the drunk boogey man comes knocking on our door at 2 am, I know I can wake you up to answer it.

I love you because...You have a special love hate relationship with my kitty cat and I think it's just so sweet.

I love you because...You force me to go out and have a good time with friends when normally I'd be content to stay home and veg.

I love you because...You'll drive 500 miles to a state your allergic to, and will tolerate people you feel you see to much already.

I love you because...Your you and your unique.

Happy 9th Anniversary Honey!

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Erica said...

That is so sweet ! I love the way you write.


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