Sunday, May 20, 2007

Kidisms 4.0

Bossyboy is a walking tape recorder whatever we say to him he pretty much repeats and this goes for when were talking sternly to him when he's in trouble. So here are some of his latests.
Bossyboy scolding the puppy in his most stern voice; "N'kin, you know bedder than dat"
Bossyboy scolding me for scolding him: "Momma you need a time out"

Tonight as I put him to bed he was hugging my neck telling me "I love your hugs and I love your head," "Happy Mudder's day momma, you be good so we can play tomorrow."

Wonderboy also has his little quips. I had placed the baby in his car seat and for some reason was distracted and just headed into the driver's seat with out shutting the van door. "Mom, you just committed a safety violation."

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