Sunday, May 20, 2007

Back to their roots.

I attended a friends bachelorette party last night and that left the hubs to fend for himself and the kids. This is always a daunting situation for me cause I know things will not be how I left them. I always have a few expectations when I leave. These expectations do not include the following; a clean kitchen, children prepared for bed, children placed in their own bed, children placed in bed at a timely hour. I do however expect the following; a messy kitchen with every pot and pan used up for a one pot meal which is macaroni and cheese, children sleeping strewn about on the couch and recliner in their regular clothes, children somewhat awake at 11:30 at night.
My loving husband of course did not let me down on my expectations. I've really just become accustom to this and it's usually one night a month that I have a mom's night out, so I can handle a little chaos coming home and cleaning up the next morning.

The one thing I do dred is on the rare occasion I have to work a weekend. 16 hours is a long time to allow a bunch of males to go back to their primitive roots and become ape like. There is no such thing as clothing or changing clothing..underwear will suffice. They scavenge and hunt for what ever is available for food and use all resources in the kitchen to eat such food. Cartoons and video games suffice for entertainment for 8 hours straight which allows the great white ape to take leisurely naps, cause it's hard work to raise a bunch of monkeys and feed them.

Although things may be crazy when the momma monkey leaves the troop for a few hours, she can be rest assured that her little monkeys had an awesome time with daddy great white and no harm was done in the establishment of their primitive habitat.

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