Saturday, May 19, 2007

Poop Spotting

We have a precocious puppy named Anakin. Yes I live in a house full of boys so you should expect our pets names to be either Star Wars or Science Fiction related. Anakin is still working on the house training thing. He's a bit stubborn but thankfully is doing better.

However when he does leave us a present he tries to leave it in a place a little less obvious to us. I'm sure he knows he's being bad and if he leaves it somewhere where we wont find it, he wont be in quite as much trouble. He must not know that we have a secret agent working for us. Bossyboy can spot a present from a mile away or at least from across the room. As soon as he's spotted it he loudly announces "Theres a POO!" We then tend to tell Gameboy to go clean his dog's mess cause clearly the rest of the family has disowned him (the dog not the kid) at that point.

This morning was no different, Bossyboy spotted the poo and Gameboy reluctantly cleaned the poo. Gameboy asked "How does he know where the poo is I didn't see any?" I thought maybe it's cause Bossyboy is a little bit closer to the ground and can see things like that with him being two, and he has these cute stubby legs like his daddy.

Since we are also training the Bossyboy to go poo and pee in the potty, it's just a poo fest in this house. The little green machine and I are pretty good friends. After dear husband scolded Mr Anakin and threw him outside, Bossyboy said "That puppy needs to go sit on the potty or wear a pullup." Ah yes if only it was that easy. I can see dear Anakin in Bossyboys "Cars" pullups. The clean up would be a breeze.

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