Tuesday, May 22, 2007

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The well is going a little dry in blogville so I was pumping the husband for suggestions. Bad Pun! Here were his suggestions...

-Pros and cons of buying a house- Blah! at the moment we have more cons.

-My husbands spending habits-Very good possibility. I was surprised he volunteered to allow me to take a jab at him.

-The third one I honestly can't remember as I was only half listening to what he suggested and I have a little ADD I think.

So the second one it is! Thanks honey I love to make fun of your crazy purchases.

My husband hates to shop but loves to spend. He knows that when he does shop he will spend and always finds an awesome bargain on something we absolutely do not need. He's a dangerous man when he has a little extra cash in his pocket.

I first realized this obsession right before we were first married. He had driven by some kind of restaurant going out of business that was selling Oregano and Basil in 10lb sacks for $10.00. That's right I said 10 POUNDS or 7 some ungodly size that would last you a lifetime and then your children's children's lifetime. I know I like to fix spaghetti and add a little to the sauce, but 1 regular can of basil and oregano each could probably last me a lifetime. When he brought his proud purchase home I pretty much fell out of my chair. He thought it would be great to put in cute little containers and give as gifts. His father who also enjoyed to buy in bulk probably had a twinkle in his eye that day and a swell of pride in his chest for his son's purchase. Needless to say he kept his purchase in the garage and the mice's had a hay day in it.

The next purchase was a sheep. Yes you heard me correctly again a Sheep..one that goes BAA. The reason for a sheep you ask? The convenience of the sheep mowing-eating our fairly vast back yard at the time. The hubs didn't want to mow and I really couldn't due to being prego. The problem with sheep is that they like to eat nice green plush grass and they aren't to much into weeds which we had more of than grass. I honestly couldn't tell you how long we had that sheep I'm thinking not even a month as we were about to move. I do have a great story about how my loving husband told his father about the sheep. I will save that for when the blog well is dry again.

The most recent purchase and believe me there have been several, is those nifty save the planet light bulbs. You know the ones that are a good 20 bucks a bulb. They save on electricity and last forever? Yeah those. You'd think awesome save the planet and the electric bill by saving energy. Fine great, but if I told you he purchased a good $600 worth on said light bulbs would you still feel their awesomeness? Believe me I'm all about saving money on the electric bill and dear husband knows I'm notorious for leaving lights on, but these bulbs just don't do me justice as far as light goes. Sure he purchased the lower quality at first due to my protests and then upgraded with a brighter bulb. It's just not the same. I need bright sunshiney yellow light opposed to white shadowy can't see kind of light. You know it's bad when your reaching for the light switch cause you think it's dark in the room, only to discover the light is already on.

This is why I try not to suggest to him he go shopping of any kind groceries, clothing, tools, anything, as there is just no telling what kind of bargain he will find. When he finds a bargain then every item in stock must. and. will. be. purchased.

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