Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Although I'm tired as heck and it's past my bedtime I cannot let my adoring fans down without a post. It just would be UN-American and you would then say "Why does Jean hate America?" So here I am for you my 2 faithful fans because I do loves my America.

Wonderboy has a set fascination with all things AFV (America's Home Videos). He would eat, sleep, and breathe AFV if he could. When he first meets just any random person he runs into the first question he asks them is "Whats your favorite T.V. show?" "Mines AFV."

He begs me to film him or take his picture for AFV as he knows just fake falling down is hilarious and would be great material for the show. I have to be very careful with even letting him watch the show in general, as he literally wants to reenact each video as he's watching it. Whether it's someone getting whacked in the gonads with a baseball or some idiot falling off a cliff he wants to do it too.

He asks me each day when AFV is on or if he knows he will tell me the day and time for both eastern standard time and central time. When he's not watching and reenacting, he's just reenacting wherever he's at. If he says something just slightly funny that gives me a chuckle like the safety violation quote he immediately asks was that funny enough for AFV?

The kid knows Tom Bousaron(I'm not even gonna try to spell the dudes name) so when he sees him somewhere like on that other show Dancing With Stars he screams "ITS TOM B!!!" "He's from AFV!!" "I LOVE THAT SHOW!" He's very boisterous about his AFV and speaks in capitals with many exclamations when talking about it.

I think the obsession has gone a little to far now. This afternoon he was playing with his power ranger and making the power ranger do some AFV stunts by falling down and flipping him over. Wonderboy said "Mom you gotta film the power ranger for AFV he is so funny." That would just be some entertaining television right there. It could be like one of those verses bits. UN funny Power Ranger stunts vs Pinata stick whackers. Cause really how many times does one need to see someone beat up side the head by a blindfolded with a pinata stick?

AFV dudes if your out there somewhere in bloggyville, my son loves you and would die a million deaths to be on your show. He will even tell you the magical phrase Tom says every week "If you get it on tape, you can get it in cash." with absolute seriousness. So this is my shameless plug for AFV for my Wonderboy. I hope you faithful fans weren't to disappointed and was hoping for a poop post, cause I ain't got none right now.

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