Friday, May 25, 2007

A Little R&R

The bags are pretty much packed and the house is a mess, but were ready to go. This will be our first real trip that didn't involve going to OK and kids were included. Were heading down south to the Gulf. I just hope that the weather cooperates. I'm always such a pessimist about trips because things never go as planned.

I'm just a little OCD about plans, if things don't go through as expected I get a little stressed. It has never failed that even when the hubs and I have gone on a trip together it never went as planned. Case in point- a few years a go we were supposed to fly out to Florida for some R&R and our flight was continuously delayed to the thunderstorms. Since it was just a weekend getaway the hubs suggested we just stay the weekend in Dallas since we'd already lose a whole day in FL. I was not a happy camper. Beach..Dallas...Beach...Dallas.. yeah I can go to Dallas any weekend and hang but not the Beach. Needless to say it was Dallas, sure it was nice no kids, no work, no housework, but it just was not the same.

Case 2: Just a few weeks ago we went to OK to take care of some paperwork and also had plans to take the kids to the zoo or something. Didn't happen due to the rain. We were also going to go the falls and that didn't happen either.

I have many cases of changes in plans and the hubs knows that I'll be a grumpy bear for the rest of the trip. I'm probably worse than the kids when it comes to things not going as planned. So now I have this trip "planned" but am trying not to get excited or even really just have anything planned. Of course there is predictions for rain where were going. I'm already in disappoint mode but were ready to go so we'll go. I know the kids will have a blast doing all the indoor activities the hubs has planned as I decided I'm not gonna plan this time just gonna go with the flow. Maybe I wont be as disappointed this time. I'm really going to try.

So If I've disappeared from the bloggy universe, you know where I'll be..some beach somewhere.

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