Monday, April 9, 2007

Roller Momma

I so want to join a roller derby league, well maybe not the kind that is really agressive and pushy or the kind that dresses in really slutty outfits and have crazy funny names like Holy Roller or something off kilter like that. Actually a roller derby name would be ok. I wouldn't even want to be in the kind that went really really fast and made cheatful sling shot moves to out skate their opponent and win. No, I just wanna skate.

The boys had a skate party for cub scouts today and let me tell you, when we stepped into that roller plex I transported back in time. The whole place looked like it had never updated past 1989. The music was rockin with some ACDC, the skates were the same looking brown skates with orange wheels and the awesome linoleum rink with the ever so groovy disco lights. Give me some Elivira and Manic Monday and I would have roller rocked the house down. Who cares if it was only a bunch of 10 year old boys in their blades

We go up to order our skate size and the 10 or maybe 12 year old looking skater dude asked if we wanted blades or skates? This question really reminded me how uncool I really am, as we had to go with the skates as I had never "bladed" in my life. I'm still feelin the groove and I was gonna teach my boys how it's done.

To save my humiliation and to allow me to get my groove on they had a walled off part of the rink for the "beginners". No one cool skates in the loser section, but that was beyond fine with me as it made more room for me to do my thang, and to allow my boys to flail around like fish outta water.

AS the night progressed a skating race was held for the boys, my oldest boy skates along as 'bout as fast as a tortoise. I advised he do a bit more practice before taking on the "blade dudes". He really thought he could take them on. We would have still been at the rink this moment waiting for him to complete the two laps. Sorry but well the boy was just slow. Then came the "moms" race. I so wanted to be out there with the other two brave moms to race. I had the feeling just like Gameboy I could so take them on. I would have needed a few shots of tequilla with some rockin 80's tune and I would have been all up in that rink busting some roller momma a**.

I will hold off on my roller momma days for now, but the next skate party we are so there!

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