Saturday, March 24, 2007

10 Things About Me

I decided it's time to tell you 10 random things about me. I told you my "cast of characters" earlier but never told you about me. (I was going to do 30 but decided thats probably way to much info.)
1. I'm an Okie girl transplanted to East Texas. East Texas is probably the only part of Texas I'd want to live. I'm not fighting crazy traffic and major highways to get to work, like some major cities in Tx. I also love the trees and scenery it really is beautiful on this side. I always thought my kids would be Okies and never dreamed they would be of all things Texans! Gameboy was born in OK, so he's my only Okie boy. Thing is we moved when he was 3 months old so it probably doesn't count.

2. I work for a software company..and that's all I have to say about that.

3. This year I will be turning the big 30. I'm kind of in denial about that and am having a turning 30 midlife crises. That's one reason I started this blog to kind of purge my crazy early midlife breakdowns. I think my husband will thank me eventually for this.

4. When I pregnant with the 3rd boy and the technician doing my ultra sound told me it was a boy. I totally did not believe her. With her years of experience she was pretty sure it was a boy. I truly believed she was wrong and I was right. Yeah well we've all been wrong once in our lives right?

5. I was married at 20 had my 1st kid at 21 and the 2nd at 22. Needless to say I missed out on all the fun party college being crazy days. I did grow up a lot during that time as it was probably the hardest part of my life Ive had to go through... so far. I don't think I'd change a thing..well maybe one or two.

6 I was blogging before there was blogging. I remember getting my first journal when I turned 12. It had a little combination lock on it with pretty purple flowers. I filled it up pretty quickly and then filled up two more after that. I always shared my writing with close friends. We'd giggle over all the things of being a adolescent. I really thought life was hell then. I still have those journals and every once in a while I'll flip through the pages just to have a laugh.

7. Wonderboy (the middle son) was diagnosed with Asbergers a couple of years ago. It is a level of the Autistic spectrum. He is one of my heroes. He's really one of the smartest kids I know and has really flourished even more this past year.

8. -This is getting harder as I go. I'm still trying to break out of my shell and find my true self. I'll let you know when I find it.

9. I have panic attacks but not on the level of a lot of people. For some reason dealing with mundane things and strangers is sometimes hard for me. The simplest don't think twice about it thing for normal people, sometimes just puts me in breakdown curl up in fetal position mode. I hate it hate it hate it...and should get help. I just feel so stupid that it's so stupid. My husband is trying to understand. I'm trying to understand it as well.

10. Finally I just feel blessed to have all of my awesome boys and that home is really where your family and being loved unconditionally is. It's taken me a little while to realize that.

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