Tuesday, May 12, 2009

WW A to Z : K is for Kindergarten Bound

We had a mini ceremony for his pre-school graduation simply because I needed a good "K" and I wanted to use this cap and gown one more time. I had to bribe him with brownies to wear it. Oh, yes I did.

Since I'm playing around with momtv I thought I'd actually use the movie mode on my camera. Did you hear the motivational bribe in the background?

Here is his twin brother..I mean big brother in the same get up 5 years ago.


Laurie said...

So flippin' CUTE. I just want to eat him up. His alias is so blown after that video though. LOL

See, MomTV needs to just hand over that camera. Look at the bloggy gold we could be getting on a daily basis!

Anonymous said...

Love it!


Anonymous said...

That is just adorable! I'm glad you decided to go ahead and do it if only so I could see the cute pictures!


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