Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Empty Handed

I'm kind of in a mood not the good kind either. I'm going to blame the weather as it's bringing me to a low never stooped before. I've never seen this much gloom in spring in Texas ever. It perked up a bit yesterday only to wake this morning with misty rain and gloom.
I say all that to prepare you for "my woe is me" attitude about the library book situation. We've gone weeks and weeks with no issue whatsoever on late/missing books. I was in bliss, no stress or getting on all fours to hunt down an elusive book hidden beneath beds, blankets or in toy boxes.
Today I have supposedly 3 books (the kids of course) that are missing in action. Last time we had a book go missing for months; I was convinced it really was checked in, only to be found 2 months later on the bookshelf of Wonder Boys classroom. This time I'm almost positive the books that are supposedly overdue, were turned in last week, if not the week before. I can sort of see 1 book gone MIA but 3, no way Jose.

I know what your saying, I should do a check list before leaving to make sure I've got them all. I should and usually do. I obviously, took the last few weeks for granted.

Today I will be packing up books we do have checked out to return and leaving the library empty handed, that my friends makes me sadder than any months and months of gloomy weather. If you need to find me I'll be reorganizing and cleaning kids rooms... yet again.


J said...

well i feel the same way, mood-wise...this weather is ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Oh I'd be bummed out too - and the weather definitely doesn't help. I know I'm going to have some annoying nazi system in place when MM starts using the library to avoid these shenanigans... And they probably won't work. :P

kristi said...

I am avoiding our library until I find a missing book..ugh.

Krista said...

We must have a really nice library... they let us check out books even if there are some overdue!


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