Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday 13- Reasons Why My Mom Is Awesome

Mothers day is Sunday, us moms already knew that of course. I wanted to jot down a listing of of all the awesome reasons why MY mom is awesome since I don't mention it enough.

1. She will drop everything she is doing to come down and babysit at the last minute, so the hubs and I can make an impromptu trip to Vegas for our anniversary. This was last year, but she does this often not the Vegas part just the babysitting part. Even if school is still in session she doesn't mind being carpool or at least making my dad be carpool.

2. She takes cares of her sister and she was taking care of her sister in law for awhile as well. This means because both "sisters" do not drive, my mom would and is still is their personal chauffeur and errand runner. Doctors appointments, prescription pick ups, grocery store runs, where ever and what ever they needed she is/was at their beck and call. When her sister in law moved to Arkansas and my mom's niece mentioned casually to her that "Now my mom won't be a burden to you," it hurt my mothers feelings, despite the fact her daughter should be taking care of her and my mother should not feel bad about this. - I can't even imagine juggling one other persons errands besides my own much less 2 people.

3. She is devoted to the care of my sister. In case you guys aren't aware and I don't mention it often, but my sister has Downs Syndrome and therefore is still under my parents care at 26. My mom drives her everyday to her "job" and is also her Special Olympics coach. She goes to all the coaching meetings, events and maintains all of her disability paper work and what not..I can't even imagine the work involved just in that, from what I hear it's pretty stressful and tedious.

3. I've mentioned before that she is the primary landscaper of the yard. The yard is not small by any means. I know there's going to be a day when I'm going to have to sell the lawn maintenance equipment, as she will continue to do this when she's 90. She even told me I'd have to remove the lawn mower from her cold dead hand. Mind you she's not a spring chicken now and I get concerned.

4. Out of 7 plus brothers (I'm sure she has more I just would have to really stop and think) and 1 sister she has always been the "matriarch" of the family below her mother, even though she was the younger sister. She was the only one to get a college education, so I guess the family felt she was always the "wise" one and they often come/came to her for her worldly wisdom.

5. When I working she always always sent flowers or gift basket full of goodies to my job no matter the occasion. Mother's Day, Birthday, Anniversary, or just because she felt like it. She was probably the number 1 customer at the florist she always used. She mentioned the other day that she missed her old florist lady because she knew her immediately when she called.

6. Not only does my mother send me flowers and what not, she always makes sure to send MY mother in law a card for whatever the occasion.

7. She will stand out in the freezing rain for hours selling tootsie rolls with her daughter for a good cause.

8. She will drive in a horrible ice storm at night, so her daughter could have new clothes when school returned after Christmas break. I can't imagine what selfish daughter would convince their mother to do that..cough.

9. She will stay several nights in the hospital with her sick grandson, knowing she will get ZERO sleep just so her daughter can go to her actual home after several weeks and get some rest.

10 She will allow her 3 grandsons to stay with her for up to 2 and half weeks just so they could go to swimming lessons. Though I've never seen anyone throw 3 kids and their luggage in the car so fast that instant when we pulled into the driveway to pick them up. Though I don't think she realized we were going to be staying another night.

11. I can't imagine sharing a birthday with any other more awesome person in the world.

12. She also treats my dog like the 4th grandson. Not only did he get a present at Christmas but also a little something at Easter too. When we were unsure of our pet situation when moving she offered to "babysit" the dog. She is also the primary dog sitter if all of us are going out of town.

13. I want to be like my mom when I grow up and bask in her awesomeness.


Anonymous said...

ahh that is really sweet!.. Your mom is very special. She is so kind and patient. What is the tootsie roll story?


Anonymous said...

Your mother sounds amazing - what a sweet post! :)

The Mom said...

Wow, your mom is awesome! And please share about the tootsie rolls!

shayla said...

I agree! I have always thought she was so special. She was like my 2nd mom. There is never a year that she misses sending me a Christmas card- that is after I send one so she can get our (yet, again) new address. Tell mom hello for me and Happy sort-of Mother's day! :)


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