Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hummus Confess...

I'm up late and yet somehow feel inspired to blog about hummus. Did you see my crafty play on words. I'm easily entertained. Me sleep deprived? Not yet.

I've never tried hummus and am really really curious. I've been hearing about it a lot lately, and that it is somehow this magical dip that will take your taste buds to flavors they have never dreamed of before.
Not one to always follow the crowd Since I am one to always follow the crowd albeit, always the one who waits until just about everyone else has jumped over board and is reassured everyone else hasn't drowned, and am coaxed to jump in, the waters fine, I really want to try it.
I'm a chip and dip kind of girl, so I feel I must have the hummus. Therefore I'm really planning on adventuring into unknown territory.

Since hummus isn't made with processed cheese (to bad), it makes me a bit reluctant. Chick peas ground and mushed with other savory flavors.. good? I'll have to be judge of that.

My question is; is this stuff actually good for you? I could eat it in large quantities and not feel guilty, unlike the batch of white queso I made and ate all by myself...ahem in two days of course it wasn't like it was all in one sitting.

Ooh late night posts are fun! Can't wait to wake up in the morning and ask myself; why I'm blogging about hummus...really? Italics are fun too! Ooh.. pretty bold italics funner!

Obviously I need some sleep, before I become excited about the nifty bulletizer . (Firefox, it is so a word!)


Burb Mom said...

I think it is good for you...of course relatively speaking against queso it doesn't have to be a health food!

mommablogsalot said...

I love hummus - especially ones with a hint of garlic - I have to say hint, because I tried one that was a Garlic Lovers or something and it was like slamming garlic down your throat. Not as appealing. Hummus comes in a lot of different flavors and is made by many different people. I recommend Joseph's and as a newbie, I might also recommend you try an "original" kind of flavor so you can get a feel for what hummus actually tastes like, and then experiment from there.

As for health content, well that totally depends on the hummus and on the queso, but after dabbling around on it looks like an average tablespoon of hummus has 27 calories while a tablespoon of queso dip has 30 - that's not terribly impressive, but again it totally depends on the hummus. I'd get into the store and look at the labels of the ones you want to try and compare it, if you can, to the calorie content of the queso dip you are making. But ingredients alone seem healthier to me.

The hummus on calorie count got a B+ while the queso dip got a C+ despite that small difference in calories, they say the queso is very high in saturated fat and sodium, but also high in calcium (that's a good thing). The hummus according to them, has no bad points. There is no cholesterol, very low sugar and it's high in vitamin B6 and manganese (I don't even know what that is).

And apparently I could write an entire post about this. :) I do really like hummus, I know it doesn't sound appealing just looking at what it's made from, but seriously. It's good stuff. And in my opinion, a little can go a long way.

The Mom said...

I have no comment. I am a boring eater. No onion, no peppers, I am a meat and potatoes kind of girl. So you say hummus and I gag. No, I have never tried it. I will try it, however, if I have to. My husband made me try avacado once and I almost threw up. I am not an adventurous eater!

Laurie said...

Not a fan of hummus myself. I have tried it a few times in an effort to pretend to be open minded while some of my more "cultured" friends insist that it is really yummy. I've given up, and now if someone feels inclined to order it for the table, I will just steal their pita bread that comes with it. Depending what they mash up in it, some varieties can be better than others though.

They have it at Fireside Grill in Frisco on the tollway and Lebanon.

Krista said...

I made hummus last week! It was yummy, but I had a little "incident" with the blender! ;)
Oh, and I made mine with garbanzo beans. I don't know which would be better. Just make sure you add lots of flavoring and it tastes really good!
If you want the recipe let me know!


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