Thursday, May 28, 2009

Little Mom Blogger Has Lost Her Feed

Little Mom Blogger has lost her feed
and doesn't know where to find it.
Leave it alone and the readers will come home
updating their feeds to find it.

Yeah I don't what the deal is, but if your reading this than your probably not reading me in a feed reader-bless you.
I never mess with my feed ever, cause that's way out of my league. I did check it one day last week and found that Google now owns feedburner (surprise surprise) and it appeared that I probably needed to transfer my feed for Google. Nothing was supposed to change but it appears after doing that something did. I should have just left well enough alone.
I have read all the troubleshooting steps and did them to no success. Let me know if you do actually get this and read me in a feed. KThanxBye!


The Mom said...

I get you in a feed, and I have been missing you. Thanks for letting me know you were still alive! LOL

Krista said...

I haven't seen you in my feed either...
I had trouble when I first switched over. I think you need to check what feed that feedburner/google is using and then go into blogger and make sure it's the same under your feed. Good luck!


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