Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Drained and TMI

I'm not sure what the deal with me lately is, but the energy level is zero. It's been this way for a few months. I try to have a "regular" bedtime (whatever that is) but I can't even come close to functioning until almost noon.
I get up at the crack of dawn to get all the boys ready and to school and then I come home, clean up the kitchen, check the e-mail/blogs and then I literally have to lay back down, as my eyes absolutely will not stay open for anything. I've tried to be productive and it just wears me down even further. I'm not a coffee drinker unless it's at Big Bucks and in the form of a frappaccino. That is just not in the budget for a daily fix to my exhaustion.
It's really sad when Bossy Boy demands my attention and all he can get out of me is a head nod. It's not easy playing Pokemon when you don't know what your doing in the first place and then doing it in zombie mode. I just tell him pick my card for me and choose my defense...zzzz. I'm lucky if I even finish my sentence that far. Thankfully he is very self entertained for the most part.
So I'm thinking there's more to the story than I'm just a lazy a** (which is plausible but I'm denying it) so I finally found a gyno, as I need my girly parts checked anyway.

I've had some other "issues" as well and so maybe 1+1= some thing's up and I'll get it nipped in the bud. I'm sure your ever so glad that I mentioned this but I figure maybe that's why the blog has slacked off as of energy to put a coherent thought together...barely enough energy to read others blogs, much less comment.

The yard alone is whipping my tail. I feel, like I'm tending more to the yard than any other household duty. We finished up the back yard this weekend. I mowed one side of the front and trimmed half the bushes (I just could not do any more) and will try hopefully with my child labor force in acted to help finish the rest tonight. The thought of if just makes me want to take a nap right now.

I really didn't mean for this to be a cheese and whine post, but sometimes you just gotta.

3 comments: said...

OH GAWD! ARE YOU PREGNANT? I mean, that's the first thing I thought of. Oh, man, I remember that feeling so well!
Whatever the issue, tell your doc all about all these symptoms. I HATE AND DETEST BEING SLEEPY.

The Mom said...

Sounds like low iron. But I'm not a doctor! LOL

Krista said...

Good luck and I hope you get it all figured out! I kind of have some similar things going on so I have an appointment with my doctor next month. I haven't been in since my son was born... whoops!


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