Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday 13- Things I've Been Up To This Week

*Yes this is yet another cheap shot at slamming you with random. My apologies yet again. Will you ever expect anything more from me? I hope not.*

1. The rain has been come and go all week, which has reaped havoc on my blahness. I could never live in Seattle. The rain woke the hubs and I both up at 2 this morning, it sounded like metal marbles hitting the house it was so loud. No hail was found, but a roof shingle flew off and was wedged into that crease where the windshield wipers are on my windshield.

2. I ate a Buffalo Burger for the first time ever; it was quite tasty, though I could tell the difference. I ate said burger at some famous steakhouse in downtown Big D where their steaks have been praised on Food Network. The best thing ever that I had at this restaurant was a banana pudding that was warm. I've never had anything like it and it was heavenly.

3. I cut my kid's hair, when I say cut I mean buzzed. I love that I start in on one kid and the hubs decides he needs to finish it and then start the next kid. Which works out for me because I am not qualified and the hubs is, with his 6 months of barber school. Though my plans blew up in my face with BB, I buzzed his sides and didn't finish the top thinking the hubs would finish. The hubs did not finish and he now looks like he has an over grown bur. Poor kid.

4. I'm reading a Thousand Splendid Suns finally. Good read so far. Never rely on Mondays to predict exactly what I'm going to read. I was trying to find another particular book but since BB was in a mood, I had to use stealth like SWAT team skills to get in and out and grab a book, this one just happened to be out in the open. You gotta do what you gotta do, all in the name of reading.

5. The swine flu is kind of freaking the hubs out. Me, I'm the no worries man it will soon pass kind of gal. Fort Worth closed down all of their schools, so did Richardson, all just out of concern since only one person in each of the areas has been effected. The hubs really thinks we should keep the kids out. The school left a message stating there are no reported cases in our county but they are keeping close contact with the health department. (I now shall get on my soap box)
I understand the concern. The thing is, more than 10,000 people died of just the normal flu last year. I guess I don't understand the hoopla for this flu when it's just a stronger maybe faster spreading strain, yet no concern for those who were sick last year. Of course our governor has declared our state a disaster or whatever you declare for a health crises, when NY has reported more people. Anyways.. moving on. I'll become concerned when more than 20 people in the DFW area alone are affected.

6. I got the weirdest anonymous comment about that Michelle Style review I did. Surely it wasn't one of you guys. Good to know I can stir up something in a random book review about the latest fashion of the first lady. I try to have no political opinion on this blog whatsoever. I'm the kind of person who really does not like to rock the boat when it comes to politics and therefor do not go there.

7. Would it be weird of me to do a mini pre school graduation for Bossy Boy? I want to put him in Game Boy's old graduation pre school gown and cap (yes I still have it cause I wasn't going to pay $20 for something only worn once)to do a little ceremony. Why yes I'm a cheeze ball and I realize that the hubs and his brothers could not care less. Maybe I just want to prove to them that I'm not just sitting around the house blogging eating bon bon's all day. That I am doing something. ahem.

8. My trip to get the meat caused more stress than it was worth. I got less than a mile to where I needed to be and Google steered me wrong on the directions. I turned left instead of right and ended up in the wrong part of town..possibly where that lone strain of swine flu was found. I did get our meat and had to scurry like never before to get back to get the boys in time. I ended up missing the highway I needed and wound up in downtown big D coming from Fort Worth and needed to be way North. I literally took an entire round trip tour through the entire DFW metroplex. I was exhausted and panicked as I was sure I'd be really late to get the boys. The hubs called the school for me and somehow my little mom mobile went in to jet mode and got me there in perfect timing.

9. This poor child of mine needs to get out and run around. I know he's going stir crazy in the house and he's driving me stir crazy with his random fighting pokemon games he's making me play.

10. Am I wearing you out already on the random? Of course I am, I shouldn't ask silly questions.

11. Are you anxious for another installment of Babysitting Adventures? Cause the sad thing is, my memory is shot and I can only come up with 2 more adventures.

12. I am contemplating doing the pay per post thing. My home girl Laurie is going to get me going. The thing is I don't want you guys to think the blog is going to the dogs and you'll jump ship on me. I've been tossing this around for a long time and I'm still not sure yet. If it's not this, than I will probably have to earn my keep around here somehow, like (gasp) going back to this splendid economy. The meer thought makes me quiver in my boots, if I wore boots. I really want to go back to school and someone's gotta pay for it. Something tells me I'm to old to ask my parents to pay for my college.

13. Whew, I'm just glad to get that last little nugget off my chest.


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Okay you're gonna have to explain what pay per post means because you lost me!

I think a preschool graduation thingy is a cute idea - who cares what the other guys think? At least plan something fun for dinner or something, maybe make a cake? There's never a bad reason to make cake!

shayla said...

I don't know what the pay post thing is either. I like the graduation thing. Very cute. You are always full of good ideas. said...

I have never had buffalo, but would definitely try it.
I read A Thousand Splendid Suns and the other book by the same man, (can't remember the name of it), and they were both excellent, in my opinion. I hope you enjoy it, too!
The swine flu can kiss my happy ass.
I have been totally lost in Ft. Worth more than once. I feel for you.
When you find out about the pay per post thing please clue me in!
And lastly, I have tagged you for a meme! Heh heh heh (evil laughter) Come on by and check it out!

The Mom said...

I love that your kid has half a haircut! I once went to buzz my son's hair and I started and realized that I hadn't put a guide on. the skin!

Krista said...

I am so with you on the swine flu. Yeah, I get that NO ONE has immunity to it so it will spread fast, but come on, is closing the schools really going to stop it from spreading? DO they think these kids won't then go hang out at each other's houses? Seriously. It's the flu! It kills people every year and hardly warrants a mention in the news...
Yeah, enough of my soap box... :)

Good luck with the job thing... I'm not sure doing pay per post is really worth your time. Especially if it makes you hate blogging. That would be sad. I can't write with deadline, but then maybe that's just me... good luck!


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