Sunday, April 26, 2009

Simple Womans Day Book

Oustside My Window: It's a stormy day but I think it's over for now.

I am hearing: Pure quiet except for my fingers tapping on the keyboard. BB is mad at me and sulking in his room.

I am thinking: I've got errands galore to do today and am kind of dreading it, I like my do nothing Mondays.

I am hoping: I can find some decent shoes for the boys that fit. Seems like no matter where I go, I can never find a particular size for one kid or the other. Payless usually never does me wrong. Crossing my fingers for a BOGO sale.

From The Kitchen;I have no idea at the moment. I went into the grocery store Friday with out a single menu planned..that hasn't happened in years. The hubs won 25lbs in meat at work and I'm supposed to drive into town today and pick it up. I'm assuming were gonna get all kinds of cuts of meat and I can just pick and choose through out the week and freeze the rest. Woot Woot for free meat!

I'm now reading: I finished reading Red Tent. This was a great read. I enjoyed the story and traditions of how these women lived in biblical times. I'm on to Little Women and The Mysterious Benedict Society next. I've heard MBS is a great read and I can't wait to dive in and get my oldest to read it.

I am creating: I've been having weird dreams where everyone changed their blog template. I'm not sure if this is a sign I need to change mine or not, I like mine just think I might want to tweak it or change it who knows.

Around the house: I'm trying to think of a good tackle for this week... my closet could really use it but that's gonna take some major incentive.

One of my favorite things: I'm gonna go with free meat Alex for $500.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Besides getting the meat, getting shoes, and a new lawn mower as ours (the landlords) will not start for nothing...hubs decided he wants an electric one anyway. We need it PDQ.

A Picture Thought: This is where I'd really like to be right now. Pensacola Fl. Hubs and I went in March 05 right before Spring Break and after Hurricane whatshisname in fall of 04. There was still lots of damage and erosion on the beach but it is pretty close to heaven on earth if one has never been out of the continental U.S. This was right outside our hotel room.

2 comments: said...

1. I LOVE Payless. And am currently sporting several different pairs of flipflps from there. (Not all at the same time.)
2.Twenty-five pounds in meat!? That is awesome! I have been out of the loop so I will have to look back and see if you say how he won it.
3. It seems like I have read The Red Tent a very long time ago... but maybe not.
4. I just watched an Oprah today that got me all inspired to clean out all kinds of things. It always looks so good on TV. And easy!
5.Pensacola, Fl. sounds like a wonderful place to be!

Lawanda said...

Sometimes sulking ain't so bad...if peace and quiet are the result ;)


Shoe shopping stinks. I looked around today and found NOTHING

VERY cool on the free meat!!

Little Women and MBS ROCK!

I like this template for the bloggy :)

Again, free meat is awesome!

Electric mower.... interesting

Picture thought: TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!


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