Monday, April 20, 2009

The Simple Womans Day Book

Oustside My Window: Finally a nice sunny day minus extreme wind.

I am hearing: The dryer going and something thudding around in it...a rock maybe, a coin?

I am thinking: Nothing special really. My mind is at peace for the moment.

I am hoping: We get our tax return in in this week.

From The Kitchen; Nothing to inspiring this week. I'm raiding the freezer and pantry in hopes I can skip grocery shopping until Thursday.
Monday: Meatloaf. (I had meatload at first, made me chuckle)
Tuesday: Chicken breasts used in some form or fashion, got any suggestions?
Wednesday: Tilapia and rice
Thursday: Unknown at this time.
Friday: Ditto from Thursday

I am reading: I finished The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Good quick Childrens book, with very awesome pictures. The book is hugely thick and daunting but 90% of it is pictures/drawings and the rest is story but the font is really large. I read it in a couple of days. My oldest kid didn't seem too interested, I think it had to do with the overwhelming thickness. I think it would be a great read aloud book for older kids.
I'm now reading A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers. If you ever wanted to read more random than what I put out here for the blog, Dave is your man. I'm not sure if it's a memoir or some kind of crazy crossed nonfiction fiction. He drags you into his head and makes you read every thought that goes through his mind. It's frighteningly entertaining. His humor and wit are right up my alley...just check out his preface and table of contents, hilarious. He does go through several bouts of sheer random ramblings..although I can relate completely, it does get a bit tedious, and you wonder where he's going with it. The funny thing is, he warns you in the begining that there are certain pages you should out right skip. I need to find out if this guy has a blog. He could be my alter ego.

I am creating: I am so not creating anything this week or the next. I'm taking a much needed break.

Around the house: As I mentioned above, I'm just gonna do the basic necessities to do the next few weeks and nothing else

One of my favorite things: Having one of my besties come down for a visit and laughing our heads off at our kids and crazy things from high school.

A few plans for the rest of the week: The extent of my plans for the week is grocery shopping and library visiting.

A Picture Thought: I thought I'd do something different and post a random pic that was posted this day/week last year just to see what was going on at the time.

Last year at this time, I was going through a much needed position change. Though I was completely terrified of moving on, it was the best decision ever, I can't understand now why I had such a problem with it. Anyway this pic, one of my faves of all time actually was nominated at 5 Minutes for Mom as a finalist. Though I didn't win, I was thrilled to just be nominated. Last year this time was a very eventful week. I had no idea. Now I'm rambling just like Dave.

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I love that picture of the three of them - too cute!


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