Monday, April 13, 2009

Simple Womans Day Book

Oustside My Window: Would you believe it's windy and chili yet again? I'm seeing a pattern here.

I am hearing: Ninja Turtles in the background and the hubs on the phone.

I am thinking: My hands are going to be spray paint white for awhile...more on that in a moment.

I am hoping: This secret project I'm working on works out. I have ingenius hopes in my head..but that doesn't mean much when it's actually all said and done.

From The Kitchen; I didn't write the plans for the week on the calendar so I'm kind of at a blank. I'm just going to wing it.
Monday: Sante Fe Chicken
Tuesday: Pork Chops
Wednesday: Beef Cabbage Soup
Thursday: Possibly eating out for birthday boy. Yes were partying yet again. I'm getting a tad bit burnt out.
Friday: Whatever I can scrounge up.

I am reading: I finished Prayer For Owen Meany. If you haven't read it I strongly suggest it. I'm actually going to try and get it at Paper Back Swap just to have it. I'm currently not reading anything at the moment. The library cheated me out of Red Tent. When I went to pick it up, the computer didn't show that I had even had it on hold. Which in my theory someone wanted the book and they hadn't held it yet and the librarian just removed my hold so the other person could have it. Bastards!
I am creating: R2D2 -stay tuned for posty like tutorial. I'm hoping it turns out, hence why my hands are spray painted white. Wind + Spray Paint = Spray painted hands and paint in the mouth. I'm completely making this project up in my head and have no template or anything to go on.

Around the house: I'm back to trying to put some kind of order to the house and getting ready for yet another party.

One of my favorite things: Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. I believe I found my kryptonite. I lusted over this cake since Friday and had to wait until late Sunday to eat it. It was beyond hard. I wanted to just skip the late lunch dinner of BBQ and head straight for the cake.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Map out all the details to this next shin dig. This one is a bit more elaborate than the last and I actually have to "plan" activities. I'm sure no matter how lame it will be, the kids will have a blast.

A Picture Thought: I will spare you a picture thought today. I'm not on "my" puter and besides you probably get sick of pics.


shayla said...

Hey there,

So far it still looks like we are a go for coming down. What day and time is the party? I don't know if you have already sent the invite but it seems that the mailman/lady at the new house doesn't believe anyone lives there yet since we haven't gotten a stich of mail yet. Do you think we can come on Friday or will things be too hairy for company?

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Can't wait to hear how the project turns out - and yum, now I'm craving red velvet cake - sounds delicious!

Laurie said...

I will have to take you to Sprinkles sometime for a really yummy red velvet cupcake. :) Hope you have a good week!

Krista said...

So, uh you had some chili with your wind?...
Did you do that on purpose? 'cuz if not it still totally cracked me up!

And I love the barefoot Easter egg hunting! :)


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