Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Eggstravaganza

I believe I've eaten my weight in carbs, fats, and sugars this weekend. I've got one more weekend to go of the insanity!
Here's a few random bullet points along with pics.

-First off, my parents were about a mile away from the fires in OK. They barely saved my high school, over 70 houses burned down in the surrounding area. I think every one on the planet that knew my parents were calling to see if they were ok. It's always reassuring when the financial advisor calls.

-I mentioned the boys had to do a Math Egg Hunt at school. The concept is brilliant- They first must find an egg with a math problem on it, then they must find the "answer egg". Genius, I tell you.

-Yesterday the hubs took the familia to down town Big D to show off his office. We then rode the trolley and ate at this awesome fish place. The kids had a blast on the trolley and it was fun to see Big D that way. Of course no pics were taken cause I forgot the camera.

-The rains came (Im sure OK was greatful) so my boys Easter egg hunted barefoot, because we are still hillbillies adjusting to suberbia. Besides, I figured it would be easier to wash their muddy feet than their shoes.
Please turn your eyes away from the giant forest of weeds/crab grass that is along the perimeter of the fence. It was at least great for hiding eggs.

-I was greatful I didn't have to over do it on the cooking this time. My parents brought down BBQ and the only thing I had to slave on was warming up the ribs and heating up the beans. It was wonderful.

-I am now stuffed on BBQ, Easter candy, and birthday cake.

Yes, this is the same cake lit twice.


shayla said...

Yes, some of my family that lives near the highschool had to be evacuated. Some of the houses on their street burned, but luckily theirs was spared. The say that the house smells like smoke and I'm sure that will take time to go away.

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Glad everyone is okay!

That math egg hunt really is genius!


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