Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dr. Pepper Free 158 hours

I thought I would give you a visual of my stash. This was probably 3 weeks worth of D.P. One of the cases is still over half way full. The rest were empty.
Last week was certainly a rough one but not near as bad as I thought.
I'm going to admit right now that I still really crave one. It doesn't help when the hubs still has to have it. When I pour one for him, I have to smell it and let the bubbles hit my nose to get a quick hit. (Did I just admit that on the blog? Yeah..I think I did.)
I have no desire to cave, but sometimes I have thoughts that a tiny sip wouldn't hurt things. I will not cave.
Here's the funny thing ..and forgive me if it's TMI. They say that drinking more water and cutting off the caffeine is supposed to help alleviate the cramps during certain times. I've had the worst cramps ever this week. I think that "it's" to blame for my major cravings right now. I just take my daily dose of Girl Scout cookies to help make it through.


Lawanda said...

I recommend more girl scout cookies and more water. And some motrin. :)

You are doing GREAT!!! :D

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I am so proud of you, especially where you are still keeping it in the house for your husband, that's gotta be rough! You go girl!

The Mom said...

I think you need to cut your hubby off too. It would make it easier on you, and it would be better for him! If he wants some, tell him he has to drink it at work. ;)

Elaine A. said...

Oooh, I like your new look!

I gave up any kind of soda completely at the end of last year. Is this temporary for you (like for Lent) or something you plan to give up forever? Just curious.

And wow, you have TONS of will power if you can pour it for your man and not drink it!! I'm in awe!

shayla said...

I like the new header thing. It's cute. You are so creative with this stuff. I have to admit that I compulsively check the site. It's sort of like a daily does of humor for me! BTW, just think of how much money you are saving with the DP thing. We don't keep soda in the house (at least rarely) and I feel bad b/c we waste so much money buying it when we eat out.

Heidi said...

Yeah, hit those girl scout cookies. Good for you with the DP. I was pretty addicted for a while too. I try to limit to 1 or 0 a day now. But then I just have to drink beer all day and then I'm drunk, and well, that's no good. said...

Oh, man! I can SO sympathize with you! If I had to give up my coffee I think I would probably just lie down and die. The initial headache is enough to convince me I never will. Voluntarily, anyway.
But, think of the weight you'll lose dropping the DP habit! ;-)


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