Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dear Cashier Lady..

It's time for another therapeutic letter to get that pent up frustration out...

Dear Cashier Lady at Wally World,

I realize your job is that of a high stress nature, involving dealing with a wide variety of people on a 8 to 10 hour basis, all the while standing. Doesn't sound like a picnic to me either but obviously since it is your job "to serve" you might try just a tiny bit harder to do it. Maybe a teeny tiny bit just for me? Please?

I can kind of understand the reason for being slow as molasses in the Artic, due to your hand being wrapped in a bandage. I have a tiny ounce of empathy. I admit I've never actually had the privilege of cashiering and probably could never master the art of it; but, I think possibly, I could scan items one armed and blind as a bat. Maybe I just dream these kind of things since obviously I don't know the trade.

I'm not normally the sort of person who is overly picky about how my items are bagged. There are some people who are beyond OCD on this...like my mother in law. She will blatantly call you out if your doing it wrong and then pretty much take over your job and do it herself.
I'm not that OCD but I have some teeny tiny preferences, like say the frozen and refrigerated goods. I think, in my little substituted reality where ponies poop rainbows and people bag the cold stuff together and bag things a little faster than paint drying, it somehow all makes sense. I know, call me crazy. What do I know? I don't get paid to do this highly acquired skill of bagging.
Another thing about my pony pooping rainbow reality, the cashiers say "Hello" and "How are you?" and "Did you find everything Ok?" I'll admit I'm not big on idle chit chat, and would rather you just do what you need to do. I do however like my existence in your presence to be at least acknowledged. That's really all I ask. You don't have to say anything else. Shoot, just telling me the total of my purchases would almost be ok with me...you know at least it's something.

Your always faithful only drag into your store cause it's literally down the street patron. Jean

P.S. It's really ok to bag the celery with the other produce and not just in a bag by itself. I've never had my celery bagged like the eggs or bread before. Sorry if I looked a bit confused.


The Mom said...

It's not just there, it's customer service in general. It's going downhill!

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

While I've never worked at a grocery store, I've worked in retail / customer service for years and um, yeah, unacceptable. I'll admit I hold them to pretty high standards, having been stellar at it myself, but seriously. Some people need to just find a new job already.

J said...

Oh, I totally agree! Last week I got out of the grocery store and realized that I was never told my total and I had no idea how much I just ran my card for, because the cashier never spoke to me.

On another note, if you are ever bored and would like to take the frustration to a whole new level, try using cloth bags. Totally blows everyone's mind. I have had them put items into a plastic bag and then put the plastic bags into the cloth bag...WHY?!!

feather k said...

celery IS fragile... :)

kristi said...

HAHA! Too funny...and I always get in the shortest line with the SLOWEST checker. UGH.

It's like everybody knows she is the slow one.


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