Friday, February 20, 2009

This Just In..

I love my mother to death. In fact she's up there on the sainthood books I'm pretty sure. On that note she completely cracks me up on her technological theories.
I've probably mentioned before that she used to have theories that when it was raining outside the wet lines were causing her internet to act up. Nothing whatsoever to do with her being on dial up and on AOL...but I digress.

We finally got her talked into going DSL. She's still adjusting. You'd think that she would feel like she was driving a Ferrari now with DSL but it really takes miracles to impress her. She hasn't gotten over the understanding that her internet is on all the time now and this makes life easier. I think she thinks it's probably wasting electricity with it being "on all the time".
Anyways this was her IM conversation with me just a moment ago;

elrodp: Guess I am just imagining this but since most of the TV stations switched to Digital on the 17th seems like this computer screen is much brighter
wisdom7077: oh momma you just crack me..
wisdom7077: I think thats your best one yet
elrodp: I am right here by the bright window/ and TDS is getting a better signal/ Ha/ believe it ??

Just a side note. After she got the DSL she complained that the screen was so light she couldn't see her e-mails anymore. We got her a laptop for Christmas (it was dirt cheap) and she was finally starting to use it. I finally caved and made a quick trip to OK for free technical support. The screen was completely fine. We figured out that since she is right by the window with the laptop that she's probably getting a lot of glare since it was showing fine at night. Bless her heart I don't think she still quite understands that.


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Sounds like my grandmother. My father, uncle, husband and I collectively form this group of free tech support. She's a savvy woman but sometimes I think she doesn't want to understand her computer! :P

Lawanda said...

That cracks me up too! LOL My mom has to call me still, even though they have a laptop, with the internet right at her fingertips, she has to call me to ask me to look things up for her online :)

shayla said...

That's so cute! I sure do miss your mom. said...

Well, how proud you must be that she is using a computer, tho! That's great! Henrietta has a whole long list of weird and bizarre things like that.
You know you really have given me a good idea for a post. I'll link back to you with credit! Thanks!
Now when to do it... hummmmm

Laurie said...

haha... my mom won't even get on a computer let alone the Internet. She says, "It's evil." Your mom is light years ahead. Cute story :)


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