Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Big Reveal...Not So Fast

**Updated With Extra Vague Hinty Goodness**
*Ding Ding We Have A Winner!*
TheMom got it right, it's Clayton. Sorry Laurie but the hubs was very picky and states that "Clay" is not the name on his birth certificate and so it didn't count. He's also very picky on who calls him Clay. (rolls eyes)
Congrats, I'll contact you soon about the gift card.
Thank you everyone for playing along.

The hubs has actually enjoyed my idea of making you guys guess. He's loving it so much that he is throwing in an extra hint for fun. His hints are always vague and hard, just so you know.

There's 2 parts:
The first part: A property of a flower pot. (His words not mine)
I really wanted to give an extra hint here because this may really confuse you but he won't allow it. Since it's his hard earned money that's purchasing the gift card or whatever, than so be it.
The second part: A unit of measure

I decided on a $10 gift card to Amazon. This will at least get you a decent paper back. Of course I'm even more thrifty and buy used to stretch my Amazon dollar..but that's just me. :)

I'll give you guys until Friday.

Jen at Mommablogsalot and Karen at Write from Karen both revealed their husbands real name on their blog. It got me thinking, because I never really asked my hubs about it and just assumed he would appreciate to be anonymous in my drivel. I myself have never mentioned the hubs full name and do sound like I always refer to him as an object (of my affection of course) and not really a person. I asked him about it and he threw it back on me and it was pretty much whatever I felt comfortable to do. So, I decided to do something different by letting you all guess his name first.

Those who know me personally and you know who you are, don't cheat and spill the beans. You can certainly add your commentary and say "Na Na na boo boo I know his name" or something but just don't say it if you know it.
I will give you all a hint. It starts with a C. Yeah that narrows things down pretty well.
Why not throw in some incentive, the first person to get it right, I'll throw in a prize of something random just for fun. Probably a gift card of some sort. I'm not sure how much or where. I haven't quite ironed this all out yet. You can guess more than once but don't repeat what someone else has already said. It really shouldn't take to long to narrow down the C names.
Have fun and I'll do the real reveal once someone gets it..which may not take long at all.
Just in case you need a visual....

This is him in his "natural" habitat. Not really.


Lawanda said...

I have always thought of him as "Chris" -- now whether that is really his name or not.... hahaha

I guess I will find out! :) said...

Charles, Charlie, Carl...Connie? NO! Not really! ;-)

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Well I was going to guess Chris, but Lawanda already guessed that so in the spirit of possibly winning a prize I'm going to go with ... Curtis because my brain blanked and it was the only other C name I could think of... grrr I bet it's Chris!

The comment word verification says "Cogbuss," but I'm guessing that's not it either. :P

The Mom said...

My first thought was Christopher, but that is too close to Chris, so then I thought Charlie, but that was taken too, so now I will guess Clint.

Krista said...

Does it count if I don't "know" you, but I happen to know his real name? Do you remember how I know??? :)

shayla said...

I'll be happy to tell anyone who wants to know....for the right price! Hehe. Oh so bad! :)

Laurie said...

Hmmm... I think he kind of looks like a Coy. Or a Cory/Corey. How long are you going to hold us in suspense?

Laurie said...

Based on his first hint about the flower pot... Clay?

The Mom said...


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Oh man! Congrats to The Mom for guessing it - yeah I wasn't ever going to get there without a hint. Too bad, an amazon GC would have been sweet!

shayla said...

Okay, I'm revolting! What's in it for those of us that didn't get to guess b/c we knew. I demand a new challenge!...for the rest of us to try!!! Hehe. Just kidding! That was fun!

Laurie said...

Just for that, I am so calling him Clay if I ever meet him. HA! Take that, CLAY! ;)


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