Monday, February 16, 2009

The Simple Woman's Day Book

Oustside My Window: Very mild and sunny

I am hearing: I'm hearing a 4 year old continually ask me what I like to do. Mommy likes to there ya go. Also hearing dogs play fighting each other.

I am thinking: Mondays are never very productive days for me. I think after having the house decently clean by Friday and then it turns to a total pit by Monday. I don't want to do anything else but veg on Mondays.

I am thankful for: these kids of mine and their overall good health.(knock on wood)

I am wearing” jeans, and again one of my ever famous E.J. shirts. My originality ceases to exist.

I am hoping: That our four legged visitor finds a home and not ours.

From The Kitchen; We got a ham shortly after New Years so that's the main thing on the menu this week. I should have known that the only time hubs goes to the grocery store, he has to get the biggest ham he can find.
Monday: Crockpot Tilapia
Tuesday- Ham Casserole
Wednesday- Frozen Pizza
Thursday-Ham and Beans with corn bread

I am reading: Still reading Wicked. Just taking my time..I'm in no big hurry.

I am creating: nothing really- a clean house?, clean yard? I did create my nifty new header. Don't even ask how I did just kind of accidentally happened. Love it when that happens.

Around the house:I'm planning to clean out dresser drawers this week. The kids have just been stuffing clothes, toys and whatever, in their drawers when cleaning their rooms. Drives me crazy.

One of my favorite things: The hubs finally caved and took me to the mall for Valentines to spend my CP gift card. Of course all the clearance stuff was pretty much gone. I would have loved to have gotten good stuff online but they don't take their gift card online, which does not make sense. Now you guys are probably so relieved that I will not whine ever again about using this gift card.
I also got some more bath and body stuff. I was in dire need of some. I came this close to getting Guitar Hero Arrowsmith as it was on sale...but decided not to. How did the favorite things section turn in to a ramble fest? Of course, because that's how I roll.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I'm planning to go tomorrow to the Autism support group. I have absolutely no excuse not to go. Plus I want to prove the hubs wrong, as he thinks I will chicken out.

A Picture Thought: Love this pic of Bossyboy and Annie. This is our coffe table that lifts up like a T.V. tray aka my computer desk. They love to hang out under neath.


Its Me(SARA) Behind the Camera said...

I hear ya on the cleaning and than on the weekend it gets destroyed and than on Monday you are like EUGH... :-/

LOVE your puppy picture! they are very cute! :)

Lawanda said...

CA-UTE pic! :)

Ok, so I love your new look!! Green is pretty :)

And I think you have given me hope that I am not the world's worst housekeeper ever. Because my mondays consist of a LOT of vegging and computer time...

Laurie said...

I thought something was different about your layout! I like it :)

I am probably going to say DUH! when you tell me, but what is CP?

What a cute picture! How cute is that bandanna, too?

How are you liking Wicked? I love the play and have seen it several times. I heard the book is way darker and different.

Frugal_Crockpot_Recipes said...

Great picture!


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