Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Feel So Much Better Now!

Today was kind of a blah day for no real reason. I decided that the state of my being would not do and needed to change up the routine a bit by driving aimlessly around town looking for something different fast food wise. After literally going a complete 10 mile radius around the town nearby, I returned back to where I started and got TB.

To make myself feel less guilty about getting TB, I decided today I'm going to use the ab lounger (yes we were one of those people that bought one) and also do some weights. Since I was feeling pretty good about that but still in the blahs, hence why it took me all dang day to post, tonight I decided I need to head back to Wii fit and prove after all that I'm nowhere near ready to sign up for AARP.
Eureka it said I was 32! Which is exactly the age I will be in Oct. I feel so much better and the day wasn't so bad after all even though it's pretty much over now.

** Updated to add**
I was feeling all smug to the hubs and flexing my muscles about my age and he felt he needed to give it a whirl as well. The jerk got a wii fit age of 30. He's 8 years older than me! Oh this will not do...this will not do at all. It is so on!


Laurie said...


My friend Nikki has a Wii Fit and she says her training actually insults her when she misses a day. Thank goodness we're an XBOX family.

Laurie said...

grr... I meant trainer above.

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I reeeaaaalllly want a Wii Fit - it sounds so much fun!

Lawanda said...

hahahahaha Get him Jeanie!!!!!! haha

The Mom said...

Glad you are feeling better. And what is TB? To me, that is tuberculosis, and I am fairly certain you didn't go out and infect yourself! LOL said...

Is there any way you can cheat and calibrate it to add years to his score? cause I totally would do that if it was my husband. And he's only 6 years older than me!

shayla said...

Okay, now we gotta get something like that. We don't have any kind of gaming system yet, and I've been itching to get one. I'm afraid I'll get hooked and spend all of my time playing games. Since I sure could use some form of exercise, I'll have to consider it.


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