Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Couple Of Letters To Some Folks

Dear C,
After 10 years of marriage you'd think I would "get" you at some point. Just when I start to, you completely do a 180 on me. I thought I was supposed to be the one that couldn't make up their mind being the woman and all.
Last night you should have known that I didn't really want to go back out just to go to the grocery store. In fact if memory serves me before I left, I told you it would be super fantastic if you made the menu this week and shock of shocks, went to the store for us. No that would be to easy.
I gave you a choice of Ramen soup or I could make buffalo wings which would take longer but could be done. You didn't want either, you wanted me to go out and get chicken. Which totally would defeat the purpose of me "not" going out. Plus I thought we were trying to save money by eating in and one less meal to buy in groceries.
Dearest hubs, wasn't it you that has told me many a mucho times that, "We have plenty of food in the house, we need to eat it." This usually at a time when we had far less in the house than we did last night.
I guess you knew I would cave since I had mentioned that I had been craving Popeyes chicken. Cave I did.
I'm so going to remember this the next time I mention I want something out. You won't get out of this that easy.
Your Wife

Dear Game Boy,
I can't tell you enough how proud I am of this sudden change in turning in homework on time and gasp.. improving your grades dramatically! I'm not sure what woke you up but hello, good morning and glad to see ya! See how unbelievably easy it is to do something so simple as turn in homework..on time? We'll work on improving the home work grades themselves in time. I'm really not overly concerned about that just yet. Your bringing your math grade up and seem to understand the concepts. That's the most important part. You made it through long division and lived to tell about it!
When you told me about this practice TASK test stuff and how all the practice math tests you did poorly on but the official test itself you did awesome on. I'm so very happy for you as well as your teacher. I could also tell that you were pretty darn proud of yourself too.
Keep up the good work and don't just think that since your improving now, you can slack off. That's not how it works. You have to keep it up. I know you can do it!
Love ya!


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

At least you got some Popeyes chicken out if it! :)

Oh and congrats to Game Boy on bringing up his grades! Always a good thing!

Anonymous said...

Oh it all sound so familiar!

Kadi said...

Hey Jean! I need your address to send you the Valentine's Day goodies! Please email me at: kadirprescott@hotmail.com

Thank you bunches!!

The Mom said...

See, that is where you and I differ. I would have told my hubby that if he wanted chicken, he would have to go out and get it. I am too stubborn to give in!


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