Monday, January 12, 2009

We're Cooking With Fire Now

As much as I loathe the hubs computer/junk room that has ancient laptops and computer parts, it does come in handy once awhile.
I told the hubs that I was willing to wait until payday to get a new laptop cord (which btw my apologies for spelling it wrong ) . It's not like the price was bad $11.99 on Ebay; I just felt like I should be punished or something. He then suggested that I should scour the computer junk room and see if we have a cord that would fit. Sure enough we did. This one even has a longer cord..which could be a good and bad thing. I'm just thrilled that I'm back in business on my own computer. I really really hate getting out of my comfort zone and using someone else's computer. I finally am so used to this one since Big Bertha died, that I'd hate to lose her too. I haven't quite thought of a name for her yet..maybe Tiny Tina.

Today I'm just chillin out with my homeboys hubs and BB. We've already watched our morning dose of DVDs, played cars for 45 minutes straight, did our preschool thang, ate lunch and the hubs and I got out some frustrations by shooting each other up with the Nerf guns. Those Nerf guns are way better than marriage therapy. I highly recommend it.

There is still no update on the Baby on the Brain post. Still waiting.... Still trying to envision any possible clue durning the month of December that my annoying relative came. I'm thinking it will be sometime this week. If not, than well, yeah we'll see. Not holding my breath or anything.

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Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Woohoo! Glad you got that power cord thing taken care of! :)


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