Monday, January 12, 2009

The Simple Woman's Day Book

Outside My Window: It's very pleasant and sunny.

I Am Hearing: Pirates of Pennzance on the T.V. Hubs loves musicals..seriously. We have to watch Pirates at least once a month. He's got the boys really into it. At least he's trying to keep them cultured.

I Am Thinking: I'm ready for the Chinese delivery guy..hope he understood the right house number..I'm also trying to drown out the singing as I know it will get stuck in my head.

I Am Thankful for: Chinese food delivery at the moment. :)

I Am Wearing: Khaki's and a green long sleeve shirt. Seems like I wore these Khakis last week.

I am hoping for: nothing, except for an answer to that baby question. Which something tells me it will be business as usual.

From the kitchen:

Monday: Chinese
Tuesday: BBQ beef & beans
Wednesday: Taco Soup
Thursday: Pizza
Friday: Hamburgers on the grill

I am reading: Nothing at the moment since I just finished Breaking Dawn

I am creating: I'm thinking BB and I will make some kind of snow man art project tomorrow.

Around the house: It's going to be a pretty mundane week this week. Nothing to exciting.

One of my favorite things: My puter. So glad I found a cord and didn't have to get a new one.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Like I said pretty mundane. No big projects to tackle, no plans of going anywhere but the library for story time. They finally start back up this week. Can you tell I am the epitome of excitement? Kids are out of school next Monday. Sigh.

A picture thought: This is just a random pic from my January folder. The middle child always seems to be over looked when it comes to picture taking.

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Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Woo hoo for finishing Breaking Dawn - what did you think?


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