Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm A Bit High On Paint Fumes Right Now

The painters came and conquered. There's a bit of story to it. What's a paint post without a story right?

You remember when I tried to convince the hubs that I'm a professional painter and can do a way better job than any few hundred dollar paint job pro could do? Yeah well hubs made me put my money where my mouth is. He told me I could paint Gameboys room and if it looked decent, than I could do the living room. Since I'm cocky I took him up on the offer. Not that Gameboy really needed his room painted, it was just so that if I did screw up, we wouldn't have to look at it for the rest of our days or something like that.

This challenge came about at 15 minutes before 6, which was exactly 15 minutes before Lowes closed. What can I say we like a challenge.

According to the challenge treaty, I was also required to move furniture, mask and tape the walls and paint in one night. No prob I thought. Luckily it was easy to move stuff around and get started painting since Gameboy doesn't really have a lot of stuff in his room. The hard part was trying to get it done. It didn't happen. At 10:30 exhaustion set in and 2 walls were painted. This was not a challenge for the faint of heart.
Tired + Paint = A Sloppy Job.
I was getting in that "it's ok that there's grayish blue spots on the ceiling and that the white trim is now mostly grayish blue as well" mode. Hubs was not pleased. In my non professional opinion I didn't think it looked that bad...for an amateur.

I was so tired at that point that the slightest negative opinion set me into an emotional spiral. Just him telling me that I got a small splotch on the ceiling, put me into fetal position crying like a baby. He did try to give it to me gently. I waved my white flag of surrender and went to bed.

We got up this morning and tore the living room up so the painters could come. They came in and got to work and were done in a good 2 hours flat. They were fast and did a good job. Was it worth it? Probably. They not only got it done but they offered to paint our front door and shutters with some black paint they had left from another job. It looks awesome.

All this to say I won't quit my day job.

The color we picked was not exactly how we envisioned it. We were looking for a light gray. We got a very light grayish blue. I wasn't to sure about it in daylight while it was drying. I felt like we over did it on the blue. Right now with it dry it looks more gray and I really like it. What ya think? It's way better than that Mauve.

I realize that the flash doesnt do it justice. The before pic doesn't really look that mauve either. I don't claim to be a professional anything at this point.
I may or may not show my before/after of Gameboys room. I'm hoping I can get it touched up and finished tomorrow. Perfect timing for Tackle It Tuesday.


Krista said...

I think it looks a LOT better than the mauve! I'm totally anti-pink walls! ;)
Hey, and when do I get to be on your blogroll? :)

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I think it looks great especially in contrast with the blue furniture - I think it's perfect for the room!

Lawanda said...

I am a horrible painter too. Kevin always has to do it. Or the kids. ;) hehe

I like the grey!! :)

KC said...

It looks great.


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