Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Jen @ mommablogsalot awarded me with a nifty honesty award. She always knows when I need good blog fodder.

Here's the gist:

* Write a post about the award, link back to the person who gave you the award.
* Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
* Add links to those blogs on your blog.
* Leave a message for the nominees on their blogs.
* Name 10 honest random things about yourself.

1. I hate talking on the phone or calling people. Sure I love to talk to someone who I haven't talked to in a million years and need to catch up. If you called me daily just to shoot the breeze, I may be slightly annoyed. I really really hate calling people, pizza deliveries, people that must be called like things about a bill, hate it hate it. It's like some adsurd anxiety that I get. I've gotten a lot better at both of these phone phobias lately. I think it had to do with the fact that my previous job involved 99% talking on the phone and by the end of the day I was to tired to do it after work.

2. I've never had a speeding ticket or been pulled over... ever. Of course I say that now and the town police will just be waiting for me. This town is high on the ticket giving list. The funny thing is my mom has been pulled over 3 times in just this last year (in her town not mine). For some reason it just cracks me up that the cops have been pulling over a little old lady. Lucky for her she got off with a warning all three times. I'm sure she pulled out the sweet naive old lady face. Go speed racer go!

3. I have never been out of the country. I have driven right by the Mexico border on our way to Vegas one year. Did I ever mention that it's a long freakin drive to Vegas? The longest of that was going from East Texas to West Texas.

4. I am not a germophobe. In fact I embrace our germ yielding friends...not really but you won't see me carrying around a bottle of hand sanitizer. I don't freak about actually sitting on a public toilet, unless someone missed their target. Has anyone ever heard of getting sick from your tush being on the toilet? Seriously? Your as* cheeks are probably cleaner than your hands. Yes I do wash my hands after every use. I said Im not a germaphobe, not a nasty toad. I do however detest a dirty public bathroom. Which I figure is normal. I used to have issues about going in public but nothing to do with dirty bathrooms.

5. I get motion sickness very easily. I get sick on boats where there is no tide. I get sick driving around the mountains. Yet I love to ride amusement park rides and don't get that sick.

6. I hate scary slasher horror movies. You won't ever see me watching SAW or any of those type movies. Psychological thrillers are ok, like "The I see dead people" movie. I can't think of the blasted name of that movie and am to lazy to look it up. I like those type, just not the zombie killer slasher horrors.

7. Since I'm talking movies... I took a nap during the fighting scenes of Return of King at the movie theater. The last movie of LOTR just bored me to pieces and it seemed like it was never going to end.

8. I do not know how to drive a standard and have no plans of really learning. Hubs tried to teach me a long time ago when he had a standard; we tried all day and I just could not get it.

9. I can count all the boyfriends I've ever had on one hand. I married young, so I blame the hubs. So yeah Jen you've probably kissed waaay more boys than I have. ;)

listing 10 of these is more challenging than one thinks...I'm trying to think up a real juicy one for 10...

10. I very rarely make my bed. Ok, I only make my bed when I change the sheets and blankets, once a week maybe? I figure I'm just going to get back in it anyway. Plus I hate when the sheets/blankets are pulled tightly over my feet and legs. I end up just ripping the tucks out anyway.

There you have it my honest to goodness random facts. I know you'll all sleep better tonight knowing the truth about me.
If you lasted this long than kudos to you!
Here's 7 honest to goodness bloggers who I am sure would love to participate. No pressure though cause playing tag is not my strong suit.
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Lawanda said...

As usual I love your random!!! If it makes ya feel any better I rarely make my bed either. (Did I just admit that on the internet?! Oops! haha) I'll think on it and give it a go later this week!! :) Thanks!!!!! :-D

Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

still amazed that you've never had a speeding ticket...

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Great answers! I also hate talking on the phone and do get annoyed with people who call just to chat all the time...

I'm also not really much of a germophobe - nothing like a lot of people!

And ditto for the scary movies & driving a standard.

It's like we were separated at birth or something - except for the kissing thing. :P

shayla said...

That is great. I would have to agree with you on 99% of those things. Well... I have gotten my share of speeding tickets. :)

The Mom said...

Thanks Jean! I accept this award, and have blogged about it. Check me out!


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