Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday-Embracing His Feminine Side

In case you can't tell that is a My Little Pony from Mickey Dees, and my son is combing her hair.
Remember I told you earlier in the week about irony? We won a Didj with a Hanna Montana game. Maybe someone's trying to tell me something.
Background story.
We went through the drive thru at Mickey Dee's Sunday night. While we were in the line this little guy told me specifically; "Mom, make sure you tell them that were boys." Can you tell we've been down this road before?
I did as requested and was pretty sure I said it quite clearly. I even said; "Boys, their all boys."
Last I checked boys and girls don't sound anything a like.
We got home and this kid was the first to check his loot. I think he melted into a big glob..picture the Wicked Witch of the West being doused by water from Dorothy; instead it's him being doused by girlie stuff. "I'm melting!"
Then he got curious. He wanted to know what the heck a brush was doing in a My Little Pony pack!? I had to school him on the fine art of Pony combing.
This got his baby brother curious and he too began brushing his Pony's hair. I really wish I caught him in time for that but I didn't and probably never will. It just amused me that they actually got into it.

The oldest naturally died a million deaths from Over Pony Exposure (I'm pretty sure it's a documented disease at the CDC.) and began to stomp on his poor Pony.
I'm all in support of PETA (Ponies Ethically Treated Always) and did not snap a picture of the carnage.


Heidi said...

I say sue McDonalds for it.

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Makes you wonder what the girls toy was ;)


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