Wednesday, December 17, 2008

And The Hits Just Keep On Comin

Normally when we run into unfortunate luck it usually is one thing after the other and not just one thing.

A terrible semi truck accident killed C's uncle. His uncle actually saved his aunt by pushing her out of the truck before it exploded. His aunt was driving and they came head on to another truck that had jack knifed on the road and there was nothing his aunt could do to prevent it. This was all during the icie conditions in Tulsa. If you live in the OK area you probably heard about it on the news. I was going to just copy past the news article but the story wasn't portrayed correctly. We'll be heading up for the funeral this weekend. So if you could send up a word of thoughts for his family I'd appreciate it.

C just returned from his vacation business trip from Florida and called to tell me he had a flat. Since I'm one to quickly respond to this kind of thing, Bossy and I were out the door in seconds. 3 miles into the trip he calls back to say he got the tire up enough to make it to Wal Mart. Since we were out, I thought I would take advantage of Hobby Lobby and drool over some 50% off Christmas stuff. I was trying very hard not to just shove my cart full when he called back telling me to go ahead and get him, as it would be over an hour before they'd be done. Darn the luck, no score at Hobby Lobby for me today.

Since the big boys weren't off of school yet for another hour, I was going to have to get them out early. Here was my thinking, cause I try to think rationally and sometimes hubs just thinks of a hundred different random plans at once. By the time I would get the kids and head out to the Wal Mart airport, the car (in my thinking) would be done. What then would be the point of me heading out there? I understood he had to get straight to work from the airport. I know that's all he was thinking about. Plus he's a little rattled at the moment. I understood that too.
He called back just as I was pulling into the school. He decided he was going to go ahead and shop while he waited. That's never good, remember Scrooge and his Christmas spirit? Anyways I go ahead and get the boys because an intervention was probably going to have to take place.
I give him a call 3 miles back in (about the same turn around as before) and tell him how much longer for the truck, because it took a good 20 minutes just to locate the boys and get to their class to get their stuff. The hour before school is out is never a good time, as their never actually in class. It was going to take a good 30 plus minutes not counting any traffic to get there.
He's not thrilled that I've decided not to come. I tell him we can come if he really needs us to but I didn't see the point of me driving in circles all over Dallas. He then proceeds to tell me that his inspection is also expired and he doesn't have the insurance papers. That's just lovely. He did decide to just wait on the inspection ( which probably isn't wise) and get the tire fixed and go on to work. I told him I would fax him the insurance paper to his work as a smooth over for not coming.
I thought this an excellent idea since I have a fax machine at my fingertips over a hundred fifty miles away. Yeah, Einstein here forgot that she doesn't actually work in a office anymore where the fax is just steps from her desk. Doh.

All this to say, we're having a small rash of unfortunate luck and I really hope it doesn't spread.


Krista said...

I'm really sorry about the uncle. :( Drive safely, okay?

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Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

That's awful about his uncle - hope your luck improves soon and all ::hugs::


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