Sunday, November 2, 2008


This week I'm trying to buy the minimum amount of groceries I can. The past month has been a total restock of groceries from the move. If you saw how sparse my cabinets and fridge were to prepare for our move, you'd understand the restock that I've had to do the past few weeks. I think I've finally built up enough to not have to go on another grocery shopping spree and just get the basics.

Monday-Chicken & Noodles. I'm actually going to try and take a crack at doing this home made. Should be interesting but looks actually pretty simple. Thanks to Boo Mama's Soup/Crock Pot Spectacular for that recipe find.

Tuesday- Soft Tacos

Wednesday- Pork Chops- Scalloped potatoes and broccoli

Thursday- Spinach Tilapia I didn't get to it last week.

Friday- Pizza

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Lawanda said...

YUM! I am comin' to your place for supper this week!! LOL


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