Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Universe is Safe For Now

My boys are playing Star Wars. This means that there are light sabers to be fought with and crazy made up plot lines. Maybe this no T.V thing is working.

Here's the sketchy plot line that I can gather.

The "Rodger Rodgers" are trying to defeat the Jedi's. They are battling against the Germans and the Japanese (I'm not sure how this works, maybe its some kind of galaxy World War). My 4 year old is fascinated with the board game Axis and Allies hence the German Japanese invasion.

During this great battle, the Jedi knights acquired the main space station of Darth Vader, only to find that the storm troopers were not available to fight due to a golf tournament that could not be rescheduled. Priorities I assume. The galaxy or a golf tournament. The fighting Jedi's were not to be deterred, as they soon asked if they could fight immediately after the golf tournament. They were quickly denied as a bowling tournament was scheduled shortly after the golf tourney.

That's the galaxy news for now folks. Stay tuned to WM247 for more live breaking updates.

This just in.... This post has been deemed WM247's 700th post. Let the party commence and break out the champagne. Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging already in progress.

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Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

lmfao this post cracked me up. I love the random golf and bowling tournaments thrown in - awesome.

Congrats on your 700th post - I'll be drinking an imaginary bottle of wine to celebrate with you. :) Or maybe a real bottle if we can get to a liquor store today.


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