Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Memories

Deb Mom of 3 Girls is having her Remember When carnival and the theme this week is Halloween. Since I'm up and wide awake at an ungodly hour for me, I thought I'd join in.

Every Halloween during my elementary days, the school had a giant Halloween carnival. It was almost far better than trick or treat. Every classroom had a game like the duck pond or the fishing game and the ever coveted cake walk. Every year L (my dearest forever friend) and I would go to the carnival and spend the majority of our tickets on the cake walk. It never failed just about every year we would leave empty handed at least from my memory, until just about the last year that I was still "young" enough to go.
I couldn't tell you how many tickets I spent that year on the cake walk. I'm not sure why I felt it was my mission in life to win a cake but it was. I was down to my last few tickets and we decided we better go ahead and make one last go. Around we went what seemed like an eternity. I'm sure the music playing was the Monster Mash and then the music stopped. At this point I'm pretty sure I was only half paying attention to what my number was when they called it. I looked down and sure enough it the number 10. I was ecstatic. I ran up to claim my prize, both L and I beyond giddy.
The next step in claiming your cake prize was drawing another number to determine which cake you were to win. There was a ton of ho hum cakes and there there was the one cake that stood out among them all. A huge gorgeously decorated pumpkin shaped cake. Everyone that night, admired and wanted that cake.
I drew the number 10, the same number as the number that won me the opportunity to get a cake. Everyone was in shock and admiration when they discovered my prize the awesome pumpkin cake. I have never felt more proud at something than I had winning that cake. I felt like the belle at the ball holding my beautiful cake.
We took the cake home and took pictures which I believe my mother still has. It's funny that I can remember what the number was that was drawn, in fact I still consider it my lucky number, but I couldn't tell you for the life of me what I was dressed up as. I can also tell you how awesome the cake tasted. The cake was half chocolate and half strawberry and it had a cream cheese like layer along with the tasty orange colored frosting.
I have a lot of great Halloween memories of trick or treat and L and I chickening out in the elementary carnival haunted house (which is a post for another day), but winning that cake tops them all.


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Yes, believe it or not, I'm still up at 2:30am - so I thought I'd pop over and comment... :)

The girls' school just did a carnival much like that a couple of weeks ago (minus the Halloween theme though). And they spent the majority of their tickets on the 'Junk Food walk' (our school doesn't allow homebaked goods, so everything had to be store-bought). Out of the three girls, the only one who won anything - was Becca - who could've cared less about winning, but just had fun walking in a circle to the music, lol. :)

Love your story - and that you won the awesome pumpkin cake! Thanks so much for participating this week!

Anonymous said...

Oh those were the days! Last year I was so excited to be in town during the carnival. Me,
Gracie, Shiela, Kelli, and Keelie went to the carnival with such excitement because we thought we were going to relive our childhood. I am sad to report that they no longer have the games in the classrooms, but instead cram everyone in the gym. I am even sadder to report that they no longer have a cake walk, but a minature candy bar walk. I was so disappointed that even though I am in town again this year we opted out. Oh how we loved that Halloween carnival....but I still would not dare go to a haunted house!



Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

What a fun memory! It's funny which little details stick in our heads while the one's you might think are "important" at the time fly right out the window.


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