Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Move That Made Jean A "B" Part 2

Sunday night and I don't have anything better to than to blog..the whole no T.V. thing makes me have no choice but to post part 2. Please note that this is not my typical demeanor.

Saturday morning the movers were scheduled to come at 9, they came about 10. We got up fairly early since sleep was gone by the wayside anyways.
I didn't realize how much more stuff left to pack I the extra kitchen stuff and laundry stuff. There was a slew of stuff that was essential and the truck was already full. My van was already full with 3 kids, a dog and a partridge in a pear tree, yet I stuffed what I could. I suggested to my mom that maybe one of the boys could ride with them and that would give me a little more room. She didn't go with it and said she was already stuffed to the gills in the car with their stuff and a few of my things. I looked in the car and there was plenty of room for more stuff. This made me a bit miffed and I couldn't understand why she wouldn't want me to try to stuff it even more. I blew it off though, hubs could get whatever later. (9 "stuffs" in that paragraph for those counting at home)

The movers arrived and were ready to go. I wanted dad to discuss with them what their route was since we really had no exact clue where we were once we got there. They said just follow us we have a route. They failed to mention to us that they had GPS. This sorta important for later.

The movers were waiting and my mother was doing God knows what inside. She was going in and out; yet never stating what she was doing, as she certainly wasn't trying to put more items in the car. I finally yelled at her to come on as the movers are paid by the hour. Yell number 1.

I was able to keep up with the movers for most of the main highway from Tyler to Big D. It was when we got into Big D that we had issues, and it had nothing to do with traffic, the traffiic was perfect. It was like for some reason they decided to go in hurry up mode. They neglected to tell us that they were getting on the toll road (thanks GPS for nothing), when they could have easily taken the main highway I35 that's not a toll. Luckily I did have cash on me. This is when I got in freak out mode. I had no idea whatsoever where to go from the tollway.
We get through the first toll and I'm still able to keep up, even if I'm going above my comfort zone on speed. The second toll my father decided he wanted to follow behind the moving truck and cut in front of me. ooK. We got to the toll and the first part allows you to make change, you then pull up to the next part to deposit the change for the toll. My father's arms dont work very well to reach out the window to do things like make change, so he has to open the car door and practically squish out of the car to place the bill in the change maker. This little action requires a little extra time than the normal person who makes change. The movers were getting away and were not going to stop for us. Freak out number 2. When my parents pulled up to deposit their coins, my mother also was getting out of the car to give me change. I had to yell at her to get back in the car as I have change. That's them though, always wanting to take care of me, even if its making sure I have money for the toll.

At this point I'm calling the hubs twenty thousand times to find out where the heck to go. He doesn't have any more of a clue than I do, as he's only been to our new house 3 times and both times he took the main highway. I decided to truck along and hope that maybe there is a sign to one of the surrounding towns, instead the highway ends and you have the option of going east or west. Freak out number 3. I decide to go west (you have chosen wisely). I pull over and start convulsing to my dad, asking him where the map is. He doesn't know where the map is. Very untypical of my dad. He is the map man. He does reassure me that, west is indeed the direction I need to go. Thanks Dad..that was comforting.

Then miracle of miracles happen. A sign to my town in which I live in says 4 miles. I thought I was going to cry. We made it. Then freak out mode happens all over again.

We approached my new town from a totally different direction than the one time I came in. I try to pretend to remember, by taking my parents on a scenic tour of the town. We discover the huge high school football stadium and I know that I have no idea where I'm at. I'm calling the hubs. He doesn't answer as he's doing traffic control with the movers. I keep driving around pretending I know where I'm going..and don't. I'm to the point of tears at this point. You can't just stop for directions, as my street is a street in a housing addition and not a main street. I have no idea even what the main street is called I need to be on. Nothing looks familiar, my mind is totally blank.
I finally get hubs and he says just meet me at Wendys and I'll come get you from there. Wah! I don't even know where the Wendy's is. He keeps telling me it's on the main street when you come in. He has no idea what the main street is called he just knows there's a Wendy's. Fun times. Though miracle of all miracles, I just happened to be coming upon the street and there in all its glory was Wendy's. I was never so glad to see fast food in all my life. My knight in shining armor rode in on his trusty blue steed and drove me, my parents, my kids, and dog off into the sunset and we lived happily ever after, but first we had to get food and a frosty.

The irony of one little part, is that the high school stadium is literally down the street from us, just from a different part of the housing addition that we normally come in on. I was so close, yet so far away.


Krista said...

Oh wow, that is really crazy. It makes me kind of mad at your parents... (and the movers) for putting you in that situation. I have a map in my head most times, but still, being in a new place... especially if you came at it from a different direction. wow, I'm glad you got there! (and aren't you glad we have cell phones? :)

Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

This exact same thing happened when I drove into Knoxville two weeks ago. I was so lost and my in-laws were following me and I was trying to pretend like I knew where we were going. I almost cried, but finally saw a landmark I recognized. It was only an hour detour, though. Big deal...except it was after an 8 hour drive.


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