Friday, August 15, 2008

When East Meets North West

I took off today to go exploring Big D with hubs and the kids. Since C had to turn in his ream of paper work, we decided to make a trip of it. He also wanted to show off his new office. I felt I should check the place out in case I need to find a future job.

Normally when I think of an "office setting" I think of the drab white walls with the cheesy inspirational posters and a unending sea of cubicles. NOT that I'm picturing my current office right now or anything..ahem.
Our CEO/president of the company, promised us a "rocket ship" of an office with our new building. In other words a large office area in a shopping plaza, across the street from a cemetery. I promise I couldn't make this up if I tried. I'm sure it will look lovely and rocketshippish on the inside. If they ever get it finished.

Enter countrybumpkin little ol us into downtown Big D and you get East (East Texas) meets North West (Big D). The buildings are a hundred times bigger and 100% rocket ship. I completely felt like a fish out of water. I will have to post about the high end fashion shops on the first floor of his building on another post.

Hubs took us in and the first thing you see is a giant wall painted in a bright blue. There are no white walls. The wals were either blue or red or yellow. A full spectrum of color. There were no cheesy inspirational posters on the walls, instead they had one huge wall dedicated to some beautiful amateur photography. I want to guess there was some kind of contest involved as I saw a giant ribbon next to one of them.
Sure there was a sea of cubicles but these were cutting edge retro groovy kind of cubicles and everyone of course had giant flat screen monitors. I honestly wanted to walk around and just gander at the plethora of little conference room offices and an actual centrally located copy room; instead of just a copier thrown in one department where everyone goes to make copies and shred stuff. When your cubicle is right next to said copier and shredder you literally want to either start stabbing people or charging them 10 cents a copy or better yet, start sounding like the making copies guy from SNL..not that I would know anything about that.

It does not take much to impress me.

As if just the office itself was not enough, C showed me the feather in the cap of impressed. Their snacks and drinks aka carbonated beverages are free. PLUS -THEY HAD THEIR OWN BOTTLED WATER. Yes, you heard that right my friends, their bottled water has their company logo on of course. Well blow me down.

Maybe you guys who work in fancy offices have all these cool things that I mentioned, if so- lucky you. Our office is the typical The Office office. Even theirs is cooler than ours. I have nothing against my company whatsoever..except maybe a few things but that's neither here nor there. All I'm saying is this company that hubs is going to work for is a company that cares about it's employees. It has even made it on the Forbes top places to work for list. To me that means a lot no matter the pay.

(No T, they did not have a ping pong table-that I could tell. At least we have that going for us right?)


Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

Here's what you have going for you.... you won the NKOTB CD... so email me your address... :D

relocatedyank at gmail

and I'll get it ordered today, unless of course you would rather have the gift card. :D

Anonymous said...

Free bottled water is good...very good. We have free coffee and a water fountain..I'll take it.

Krista said...

Wow, I guess I missed this. You guys are actually moving to Dallas? Crazy times! You'd better get used to all that high class stuff! ;)


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