Friday, August 29, 2008

Random Is The Name Of The Game Around Here

Sigh! My computer is going to have to have surgery. Hub's believes the motherboard has pooped out. I totally feel motherboard's pain, cause this motherboard is about to crash herself. If that is the case than my pics should be able to be saved. To bad hub's isn't a IT ninja on laptops. If it was his god machine, he could have it fixed in a jip.

Looks like my Labor Day weekend is shot. Thanks Gustauv. As if I haven't whined enough about work lately. I have to go in Sunday and work some ungodly hours and then work on Labor Day too. I'm trying to tell myself that the extra funds will help considerably for the move. Thankfully hubs will be home to watch the boys. Though it would have been nice to spend a leisurely weekend with hubs since I haven't seen him all week. We're used to not seeing each other during storm time. :(

Please forgive me if I'm not stopping by commenting and visiting. Just blame work and a sick computer. Hubs is joking with me telling me ok just tell them you quit today. Though I don't think he really is joking.
I'm really behind on the blog roll and a sick computer doesn't help matters. I miss you guys!

Tomorrow is the football draft. No luck really needed other than I hope my picks don't turn out to be duds. I still haven't really locked in on a name yet either. It's a good thing my boss is the commissioner and made sure I didn't have to work Sat. :) He didn't really, but it makes him sound like a really cool understanding boss right?

Don't forget about the giveaway. In fact there should be another giveaway coming soon.

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Lawanda said...

Aww! Bummer that you have to work the holiday weekend. :( But the bright side is a good one: extra cash ;)

Try to have a good one in spite of all the "stuff" you got going on :)

(and try to check my blog today - Sunday!) ;)


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