Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm Failing Pre- School

The first day of school always brings a clean slate and new resolutions to better one self. This goes for the parents too. We(I) vow to be more organized with the school papers and getting on the boys on homework, trying to get them to eat better, and to get them to bed at a decent time. I do try.
I'm already failing and it's only day 3.
Bossy Boy started preschool and with pre school comes the ever dreaded Take Home Folder. The teacher expects the parents to bring home the folder everyday to sign off on their behavior for the day and the hardest part is to return it the next day. The folder is a bright orange which I'm sure is to help us parents that have issues keep better track of it. Ahem.
I have already some how lost this darn folder. I'm sure it's in some obvious place. I've looked through the other mountains of paperwork from the big brothers and it's no where to be found. I offered the big brother's cold hard cash to find this folder. No luck.
It's become an obsession. Anything and everything that's orange in color gets a once over. It's gotten so bad that tonight, when I was replacing their sheets before bed I noticed something similarly orange in color behind the bed. I took a closer look and it was just a part of a spider man blanket that was RED.

I feel better that I'm not alone with this issue. There was actually a note hung next to the folders. Paraphrasing this is pretty much what it said;
Dear Parents,
It's become obvious that you have failed as a preschool parent and can not keep track of one measly folder that is bright orange. To help ease your suffering, you can now remove the work papers and notes from the folder and just sign the behavior sheet and leave the folder in the classroom.
Your Welcome!
The Pre-School Teacher

I think she wrote this note specifically for me. You see, she held me hostage this morning asking where his folder was. I thought and hoped it was in the car. I told her I would return with it. The return did not happen, it wasn't in the car and I wasn't about to go back in there and tell her I didn't have it. So I did what any other irresponsible parent would do; I fled the scene. I had other irresponsibilities to fulfill, like getting into work late.

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Lawanda said...

I was a failure at public school for this very reason. I could NOT keep up with any of the paper work. I mean it was RIDICULOUS, honestly.

And now I am the teacher, and so I don't make myself do any of that paperwork crap! LOL And I make the kids keep track of everything they do anyhow. (Can anyone say LOSER MOM?) Oh Well. They will be more organized than me when they grow up I hope :)

Krista said...

It sounds like you've had one heckuva week! Hugs!
On the future post thing... I think the trick was to post it with the current date, then go back into the post and change the date to the future. That should get you around the scheduled posting thing! ;)
By the way, can you tell me what you do (you can email me) 'cuz I'm really curious what you do for a call center!

KC said...

Paper work Paper work Paper work.. that is all I did this week with school starting.. all the 100's of paper work that gets sent hoem times 3.. Then my Jr high student teachers all sent home extra paper work for me.. two fo them had question and answer sort of papers that i needed to answer and tell them about my child so they will get a better feel for who she is.. But the one that really threw me was this. A mostly blank sheet of paper with this on the top. In a million words or less, please tell me about your child. feel free to use the back of this paper if needed or you can add a extra page to it....
NOW I have to figure out what they want me to tell them about my child.. UGH..

Anonymous said...

it's like they want us to care what they are doing in school..huh?


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