Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm Starting To Get That Overwhelming Feeling

Hubs has kind of set a date in his mind of my last day of work. Sept 5. That my friends is not very far away. This is not in stone by any means, just a throw it out there idea. Gulp.

Of course right now my mind is racing on the gazillion things I'm going to have to do. I've been pushing it in the back of my mind because, the denial I hear is lovely this time of year.

In order to organize my thoughts; I'm going to list it out. Pardon me as I may not sound coherent and this maybe be a bit rambly, but if I don't get all of these racing thought out of my head I will not sleep tonight. In other words a regular post here at WM247.

-Sept 5th -the kids will literally only be in school two weeks. Does that even seem sane? I'm supposed to go up to the school tomorrow and say: Hai! I is Gameboy's mom, nice to meet ya..Oh by the way he'll only be here a couple weeks..k thanx bu bai.

-Since hubs will be working..that's going to leave everything else up to me. Calling and making arrangements for everything. Have I mentioned that I don't like calling people and that hubs does all the calling of people? Just the thought of it has given me premature signs of a heart attack.

-Not only will I be handling the calling -changing the billing, notifying the land lords, and all those details in between, but I will also have to manage the whole move...we haven't even really looked at houses yet. That trip to Big D last weekend was kind of a bust on the house hunt thing.

-If we had our way we'd sell practically everything but personal stuff and just start all over. Easier said than done. Have I mentioned that were not big garage sale people? Yeah that makes things difficult.
-I'm thinking of renting one of those PODS that will deliver and pick up for you. Whatever fits in the POD goes, whatever doesn't is gotten rid of. I'm curious how much it costs for that? That way I could move stuff at my leisure or at least in a 2-3 week period.

-Hubs birthday is Friday..he's finally coming home. The rest of the clan arrives Saturday. My parents are bringing C's mom. This means I have to sorta clean up the house. This weekend is shot for any kind of move preparation.

-School starts Monday..I almost thought of just them staying in OK for another 2-3 weeks. Something tells me my mother would not approve.

-I don't think I could handle being alone that much longer if they did stay. While it has been bliss the last couple of days. I'm ready for the noise and hustle and bustle and hugs and philosophical questions.

-Did I mention I maybe spending a lot more time with these kids o mine, doing the home school thing once we're settled? Have I completely lost my mind? I have no plan at all on how I'm going to accomplish this. Luckily the Internet is an old friend. We may be wingin it the first few months years.

-Monday is also our first day in the new temp office. Any more changes happening this month need to stop right now. To much change makes my head asplode.

-Not only are the kids going to be nervous/excited for their first few days of school, but going to a new office is a bit nerve wracking too. What if I don't like the people I sit by or what if no one likes me?..wait what? just a joke folks..Ill be with the same bunch. In fact it's all wide open so we'll be like all one big happy family and maybe sing kum bi ya. Should be loads of fun the bonding we will have. From my understanding we won't be in cubicles. This makes me think of the call centers in India, where the people are literally right on top of each other or at least very close next to them.

-Did I mention this post may be a little incoherent? Don't say I never warned you.

-I can really tell that things are a bit lonely around here, when I start talking to the dog in different crazy voices and I actually think he understands me.

*Did you see what I did there? I made this a Thursday 13 and didn't tell you.*


Lawanda said...



Seriously, you have a LOT going on! But it will all work out. I'd say if you have the cash, go for the POD thingie (which I have never heard of) or even hire people to help you move your stuff. And then take what you want and give the rest to Goodwill. No payoff, but you can use it for a charity tax deduction...

You make me laugh, even when I am cringing for you with all the! ;)

Oh, about the kids, if you think your mom really would not mind, I would definitely leave the kids there while you are moving and stuff. Tell her you are homeschooling, so they don't need to be in school ;) hehe But really, I think it may be less stressful on them to not have to start and then stop school. Come home and then leave again so soon... etc. KWIM?

Good luck girl! ((hugs))

Chel said...

I work in a cubicle. Crazy. It's this weird bizarro land where you know intimate details about people's lives because you can hear them talking, but you don't see them. So someone I know had a fight with her husband last night could walk by my on the way to the bathroom & I wouldn't know it was her unless I heard her voice. Crazy.

Enjoy the big open area.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Wow. I don't blame you for feeling overwhelmed! That's a lot to have to deal with. Good luck!


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