Sunday, August 10, 2008

How About A Random Weekend Update?

Saturday I was the most unproductive ever in a long time. I mainly stayed parked on the couch watching the Olympics and napping in between games I wasn't intereted in.

Mystery pizza birthday boy showed up at our door again Sat. to play. This time his mom wasn't waiting for him. I happened to wake up from my nap (around 5ish) thinking we were going to go eat before Preseason football started and hubs said "Pizza boy is here so we can't go."
We did solve the mystery pizza place which was Kens. Doh I totally forgot that one. How many times did I drive right past it? 3

I'm working today-Sunday. I was mentally prepared for a busy morning as we were supposed to get an influx of far dead quiet. My hope was to get to leave at noon and leave the newbie on his own. Now I'll probably have to wait around just in case. Sigh. This supposedly will be my last weekend working due to hubs new job. I won't hold my breath on it.

I am looking forward to taking off on Thursday and Friday to head to Big D and check out possible future residences. We have some prospects. Thank you Craigslist.
I wish we would get on the ball on this. I've been filling out hub's paperwork for the new job and he will have to redo it all with the updated address. FUN!

Work is also about to move offices at the end of the month-talk about a pain. We have to go to a temporary office location because the one they are fixing up for us is not ready.
I just want to say that I hope I'm gone before they get into the permanent location. I don't want to have to go through an office move twice and then a home move after that.
My plan is to bring in no personal belonings whatsoever to the temp move and hope I'm gone before the second move.

I'm thinking of doing a photo journaling of East Texas, as once we're gone were gone; as there would be no reason for us to come back, unless we felt compelled to visit old collegues. I know my boys have lived here all of their lives and I guess it could be considered their hometown. I think it would be nice to take pics of our old stomping grounds for future reference.

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Anonymous said...

Does your work know that you are going to the big D?...What about w/ school??


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