Monday, August 11, 2008

Childhood Dreams

I finished reading Randy Pausch's book The Last Lecture. You probably heard about this awesome computer programming virtual reality professor who was dying of pancreatic cancer and did his last lecture. It's been all over the net and they did a special on it.
If you haven't seen the lecture yet, it's really very inspirational. I also suggest you read his book it rehashes the lecture with the extra bonus features.

Randy really got me thinking hard about the whole childhood dream thing. How many people actually can say they have achieved their childhood dreams? If of course it's something one would still feel passionate about. Like Gameboy saying he wanted to be a train conductor when he grows up, has probably changed since he was 5, but you get my drift.

My childhood dream for the longest time was to be a teacher. The one thing that always held me back was the thought of actually dealing with other people's kids and the constant negativity one would hear of low pay and under appreciation. Pay has never been an issue in my brain. I just feel if it is your passion then the rest will come to you no matter the pay.

I had so many awesome teachers and some not so awesome. Many who just inspired me to drink up all the knowledge in the world possible. I could never get enough. Yet I was so dang hard on myself and my esteem was never to par of what my actual knowledge was. In other words I never thought I was actually smart enough to go to University and that my only potential would have to be settled with Jr College. I really would like to go back in time and slap my17 year old self senseless..hello.. you had a B average, and was doing some college courses senior year, which you were making A's in. You probably would have been fine..

Hubs and I have been discussing the home school thing for a while even before the new job thing happened. Hubs thinks I could do just as fine a job as any teacher if not better. I honestly would love to do it. The ideas in my brain of what and how to teach my kids is endless. I almost think if I do this I may get to over indulgent and then their little heads would asplode. The more and more I think about the more nervous/ scared crapless I'm becoming. Thoughts like could I really be the one responsible for teaching Bossyboy to read/write? What about the dreaded long division and decimals and complex multiplication for Gameboy. Math is one thing that I'd probably really struggle with.

This would for sure be a learning experience for all of us. I really am excited if we decide to go through this. I looked into any kind of homeschooling type regulations for Texas and it's one of the most lenient states. Homeschooling is considered a private education and therefore no set regulations are in place and no required testing from what I can tell.

I may actually get to fulfill my childhood dream. To me that's pretty stinkin awesome.


Lawanda said...

I think it's pretty awesome you are thinking about homeschooling!!! YAY!! You can do it! Trust me. If I can YOU CAN! :) And it isn't hard, you have teacher's manuals to help with the hard stuff! Seriously! :)

My childhood dreams were always to have a dozen or so kids. Ain't happenin'! But I will settle for less ;) hehe

Anonymous said...

I think that would be awesome..scary..but awesome!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of homeschooling. You would be a great teacher!


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