Sunday, July 13, 2008

What Have I Gotten Myself Into This Time?

I've been debating in my head about taking the leap..the leap over to (whispers so Blogger can't hear me) that other blog hosting sight that rhymes with lord and tress.

I went ahead and signed up...I tried the other day but having a strong pina colada is not the time to dive into a whole new blog hosting site. Obviously some blogging angel knew this and denied me access of acknowledging the account until I was a little more sober. In other words my tipsy fingers put in the wrong e-mail address to allow confirmation. ahem...

I've been playing around with it. Yes I'm still Working Momma 247 there and it's pretty much mirrored what's here..very nifty little widgets and import stuff they have going. I am actually impressed with it until it gets to the template design editing. Sure they let me upload my header just as easy as Blogger but after that I'm lost. If I'm understanding correctly the template doesn't allow me to edit changes or publish changes in the CSS code unless I purchase the upgrade? no likey that part.

As of right now I'm sticking around with Blogger. It's like a comfy sweatshirt..easy to maintain...comfy..cozy.. all that stuff that nice comfy blog hosting sites are meant for. I'm still taking a test drive in "lord tress" once I figure out all the bells and whistles and win the lottery, than maybe I'll steer you guys that way.


Jen E said...

I use said blogging site and despite the sort of hand cuffs they make you wear when it comes to custom design, I like it a lot - I feel very comfortable in their "dashboard" and like the overall feel of the site alot - love the widgets. If you are a real coding pro, I think their .org site lets you do a lot more, including making your own themes from scratch, but that's a bit more than I care to take on at the moment (at the moment being key here).

Anonymous said...

I like the dashboards and widgets..but you are right, I can't paste cool codes like you can with blogger. Later this year I'm going to get my own url stuff then I'll be able too.
Your blog looks real purty now.

Jen said...

Unless you want one headache after another, I would highly recommend you stay with blogger. I started with Wordpress because I read glowing reviews on it. I'm really not sure who these people are because it has been a lot of stress for me.

I agree about the dashboard, but pretty much everything else is tricky. If you are comfortable with Blogger, why switch?

Maura said...

I'm on Blogger and have decided to stay. I haven't even upgraded to their newer template because I'm finally comfortable with customizing the one I've got (with a little help from a friend) and I'm afraid of screwing it up.

For me, I decided to stick with what works and what I know, and concentrate on the content instead.

I'm here from AM and looking forward to poking around and seeing a bit of your randomness. :-)


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