Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Shake It Off Mom, It's Only Football

One thing we love about being at my parent's house is the yard has plenty of play room and the grass is oh so lush and cooshie on bare feet. If you saw our pathetic excuse for a jungle yard, you would understand our simple joy.
If we're not eating and driving around visiting old haunts we're outside doing whatever. Most of the time I take up roost on the front porch observing everyone else. Hubs and Gameboy are usually out tossing the old football, while Wonderboy and Bossboy are swinging on the decrepit swings or playing in the sprinklers in the back area of the yard.
Hubs invited me to come play catch with them as he wanted to test out his ninja football skills. In other words he wanted to see how tough I was by catching some really hard throws from a really good distance. He's so loving like that. Of course, I said sure cause I'm loving like that too.

It takes me a few hitscatches to get in the swing of actually catching. I figure throwing properly would be saved for another day. I was starting to feel pretty confident in myself and my catching abilities. I was on a roll. Where do I sign for the NFL?

During this process I decided to be really cool and wear Gameboys newly acquired sunglasses. I wanted to see how long it would take him to notice..you know cause mom's are silly and weird like that, or maybe that's just me.

Then it happened. Hubs tossed me a good one. It came hurdling toward me at a rapid speed. I tried to stay focused on the ball, but when a football is coming at you at a gazillion miles per hour, sometimes the only choice you have is to brace yourself and close your eyes. That's where I made my mistake. Just like that all I could feel was the force of the ball smashing the sunglasses into the bridge of my nose and then sent flying into the grass.
During this millisecond time frame, I waited for the explosion of blood to smother my face (which didn't happen). My eyes still closed, I was in complete shock and awe. This is precisely when the tears began to fall. Whether or not they were tears of hurt and shock, laughter, or a combination of both is still debatable. At this point I opened my eyes to see my husband literally rolling on the floor (or the yard if you want to get technical) laughing. Yes friends it was a literal ROFL moment.

I'm still in shock at this point and haven't said anything. That's when I hear the sweet words of concern from my oldest child exclaim, "Mom what are you doing wearing my sunglasses?" The concern for my well being was obviously overwhelming. Yet the tears began to flow harder. This time predominantly from laughter.

Hubs at this point finally unsure of my well being, sees the tears and notices that I haven't actually said anything yet. "You are ok, right hon?" I still don't really say anything. I'm still just trying to assess the situation.

"Mom, shake it off, it's just football" is then yelled from a far

At this point hubs and I both lose it with laughter. Gameboy hasn't quite figured out whatintheheck is so funny. I am thinking what if my nose is really broke, and hubs is laughing at me? The tears and laughter flow some more.

I did manage to "shake it off" and catch a few more rounds. Gameboy could not get over the thought that I was wearing his sunglasses. Hubs just wanted to keep describing how I looked over and over. This was obviously a wish we had the video camera moment. I was just impressed that the cheap sunglasses did not shatter into pieces in my face. I actually think, had I not been wearing his sunglasses, I probably could have easily hurt my nose or worse broke it. Thank goodness for me being weird blessings.

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Anonymous said...

You are lucky that you didn't break your nose... (lol)


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